Team Suits

Ordering a Team Suit

1.Go to to order a suit. If you type iwv after the website name, our team gets a small percentage back.

2.Select a suit – see choices below.

3.Order suit on your own

Female Suits  - All color schemes navy/red or navy only


Speedo Aquablade Female

Product Code: 719040 (navy)

Speedo Quantum Spliced Super Proback

Product Code: 7873

Speedo Solid Lycra Flyback Youth

Product Code: 7883


Speedo Super "S" Back

Product Code: 13158

Speedo Solid Lycra Flyback Adult

Product Code: 7889

Speedo Fastskin FS II Custom Colors Recordbreaker

Product Code: 7712


Male Suits  - All color schemes navy/red or navy only

Speedo Aquablade Male Brief or in Jammer

Product Code: 705032 or 705966

Speedo Axcel Splice Brief

Product Code: 5116

Speedo Aquablade Male Brief

Product Code: 1420

TYR Fusion 2 Racer

Product Code: 5837

TYR Alliance Polyester Splice Racer

Product Code:  20955

Speedo Fastskin FS II Brief

Product Code: 2462


Speedo Quantum Jammer

Product Code: 970


Speedo Axcel Splice Jammer

Product Code: 5117