Little Swimmers

Little Swimmers (Swim America pre-school & kinder that are "swim ready")

Small class sizes for little ones age 3-5 years, we maintain a swimmer:coach ratio of 3:1.  Our curriculum follows the same basic goals as our Learn to Swim stations with adjustments to consider size, coordination, and coginitive development.  In this program, participants will stay with the same coaches as they progress throught the skills which are designed for younger swimmers to be successful.

Schedule: Spring, Summer, Fall: M/W 3:30 / added in Summer: M-TH 11:00am

Pre-requisite: participants must be comfortable going completely under water unassisted, this is NOT a water adjustment class.

Equipment needed:  proper fitting one piece swim suit & goggles; use this link to order through Swim Outlet and a portion of your purchase amount will be donated back to our club!

Fees: vary depending on number of classes selected

Click here to register for Little Swimmers