Silver (intermediate)

Silver (intermediate)

For intermediate swimmers with an emphasis on perfecting techniques in all four competitive swim strokes, turns, under-waters, and racing starts while developing aerobic conditioning and continued enthusiasm for swimming. Competition at swim meets is highly recommended at this level. Program includes dry land training training and group goal setting. 

USA Swim registration is required, choose Flex  for practices only ($20/year) or Year Round for competition ($70/year).

Schedule: please email [email protected] for current schedule

Pre-requisite:  coach assessment is required prior to joining this group 

Equipment needed:  proper fitting one piece swim suit, goggles, flippers, pull buoy, paddles and snorkel; use this link to order through Swim Outlet and a portion of your purchase amount will be donated back to our club!

Practice Schedule: Monday through Friday, 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Annual Registration Fee: $35      

Dues: $140/month 

Click here to register (OR) email to schedule a FREE TRIAL!