Presenior Group:

Swimming has become a priority in the athlete's life.  Supplemental training (including coaching from private/group lessons and parents) will not be accepted in this group and may result in the swimmer moving to the Gold Group.  

Swimmers must also meet the age requirement and time standards for the group.  Once met, the swimmers attendance, training ethic and meet participation will be recorded.  Failure to meet the standards below will result in the swimmer transferring to the Gold Group until they re-achieve the Presenior Group Time Standard at one of the following meets:

  • Short Course JO's (February)
  • Far Western's (April)
  • Summer Age Group Invitational (June)
  • Long Course JO's (July)
  • Western Zones (Aug)
  • Winter Age Group Invitational (December)

Age and Time Standards:


Once a swimmer meets the age and time standards, the coach will begin recording their attendance on a swimmer attendance card.  Below are the requirements:

  • Maintain a 60% practice attendance during each of the consecutive three months.  If the swimmer does not maintain an 60% attendance rate, that swimmer must transition back to their original group.
  • If a swimmer fails to maintain 60% attendance in any given month, a two (65%) or three (70%) month attendance rate will be considered for fulfilling attendance requirement.

Training Ethic: 

Athletes must demonstrate to their coach that they can…

  • Complete workouts regularly without skipping yardage, sitting on the wall, make intervals from start to finish etc…
  • Follow the clock intervals and lead a lane successfully from start to finish if asked.
  • Not cheat during sets such as 1 arm fly, 1 hand touches, turning on stomach in back etc…
  • Show a desire to work harder than the set requires. Push beyond the requirements of making the set.


Athletes must compete in the majority of their groups regularly scheduled meets including full participation in all championship meets.  Attendance in these meets will be recorded on their swimmer attendance card.  

Presenior Group Coach:  Jason Ricablanca & Melanie Hash

*Updated 10/2020