Senior Group:

This is our highest level group and is only for athletes with the highest level of dedication and commitment to swimming. Swimmers are expected to train for 2 hours (5000-6000 yards), along with dryland training and a competitive meet schedule with the goal of achieving their maximum potential in the sport.  Because of the highly competitive yearly meet schedule, this group takes two two-week breaks throughout the year (December and August).  Individuals and families whose aspirations and commitment levels do not match this group should not consider swimming here.  Before a swimmer is selected for this elite group they should be ready to commit to the physical, mental and time demands of the group, while also contributing as individuals to the group's culture and work ethic.  

Senior Group Criteria:


  • Training Suit, Goggles, Cap, Water Bottle, Mesh Bag, Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Paddles, Cut (Short Length) Fins, Snorkel

Training Ethic

Athletes must demonstrate to their coach that they can…

  • Complete workouts regularly without skipping yardage, sitting on the wall, make intervals from start to finish etc…
  • Follow the clock intervals and lead a lane successfully from start to finish if asked.
  • Not cheat during sets such as 1 arm fly, 1 hand touches, turning on stomach in back etc…
  • Show a desire to work harder than the set requires. Push beyond the requirements of making the set.


Athletes must compete in the majority of their groups regularly scheduled meets including full participation in all championship and focus meets.  Targeted championship and focus meets include:

  • Kevin Perry Senior Meet, Husky Invite, Winter Sectionals
  • SMOC, Speedo Grand Challenge, LA Invite
  • Spring & Summer Sectionals
  • USA Swimming Futures Championships
  • USA Swimming Winter & Summer Junior Nationals

Maintaining in Senior Group:

  • Attendance in majority of group scheduled meets as well as full participation in all championship or focus meets. This includes availability for all relays if necessary for teammates or team scoring standings.
  • Maintenance of time standards above to ensure qualification for focus meets.
  • Maintenance of training standard above to ensure lane space availability. 
  • If a swimmer leaves the group or is absent for longer than two weeks, they may be asked to re-qualify at the next USA Sanctioned swim meet.  

Senior Group Coach:  Jason Ricablanca

2019 Senior Group Season Plan
8 week dryland plan

*Updated 10/2020