Open Water

2015 Central Zone Open Water Championship

Open Water Coordinator's Reports

January - 2012

Items re Open Water that CZ is working on:

  1. Developing Coaching Guidelines for coaches to use while preparing for open water practices.
    Currently there is nothing for coaches to refer to if they are inexperienced in Open Water
    Propose to create a template for Zones throughout the United States
  2. Preparing a Central Zone Training Camp for those selected/interested in learning the techniques of racing and the various forms of practices used to prepare for an open water season
    Want to incorporate a clinic for coaches and officials during camp to take advantage of hands on experiences while working with athletes in the water
  3. CZ is sanctioning events with a Zone Open Water Representative in place and working with LSCs through the process
    There is a willingness not only to comply but to exceed proper precautions to ensure a safe race for our athletes.

                                              Rick Walker, CZ Open Water Coordinator