Philosophy/Reward System

We pride ourselves in offering the best quality in ‘learn to swim’ lessons that you will find! The Mission Viejo Nadadores is a world famous swim team that has sent swimmers to the Olympics since 1976! The foundation of our Swim Team is our Swim School—a place for swimmers to come to learn the essential in water safety and stroke technique.

"From blowing bubbles to winning gold medals, we have a level in our program that is the perfect fit for each individual swimmer regardless of experience or age."

A swimmer’s foundation is crucial to their success in becoming safe and proficient in the water. Therefore, we believe that a child should be taught to swim using a series of 6 levels that each serve as a building block for the next. A ‘Beginner’ level child in our program will go from submerging their face in the water for the first time all the way up to learning all 4 competitive swimming strokes—one building block at a time!

We do not submerge or dunk hesitant swimmers under the water, unless instructed to do so by a parent or legal guardian.


Learning to Swim is a process! Every step is equally as important as the next—in this, we make sure to celebrate all of the victories along the way! When a child ‘passes’ their current level, they have the chance to dig for a prize in the Treasure Box!