New Parent Info

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New Parent Information

Welcome, students and families to Santa Clara Swim Club Swim School!  We noticed that many new parents had common questions and concerns, and we would like to address them to you all at once.  Here are some key words and ideas to keep in mind that will help us more efficiently teach your children to swim. 


  1. Be on time. Late kids slow the class down, and being late doesn’t help the late student – they’re missing part of their class.


  1. We are a skill based program.  We do not automatically move your child each month.  We move them when they show they have learned the skill.
  2. We work with EVERYBODY, of all levels and all speeds of learning, so you will see a variety of activities and distances used within each class.  This is expected.


  1. This is a classroom setting.  Do not approach the side of the pool, the teacher or your child while your child is in the class.  If you have questions or concerns ask the deck supervisor.
  2. Please keep an eye on your children who aren’t in the water.  They have a habit of throwing things into the water and distracting the classes in progress.

Support Network and Preparation:

  1. Prepare your child for the pool and teach them how to use their equipment including caps and goggles.
  2. Teach your child to pack their own bags so they can share the responsibility and ownership of the sport of swimming.




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