Q- I am new to the First Colony Swim Team Program. How do I know what level to choose?
  • There is a guide called “Choosing A Level” under the swim lesson drop down menu. FCST has provided which skills are needed to pass each level of our program.
Q- I called the lesson’s office and no one answered.
  • The lesson director is answering calls and returning messages and emails in the order they are received during the office hours. The office hours change seasonally, so please check the hours of the director under the swim lesson drop down menu on “Information.”
Q- I don’t understand why last year my child was swimming and very comfortable in the water but this year is afraid and can’t seem to remember the skills?
  • Young children learn swimming skills by repetition and practice. If a child has not been in the water for several weeks or months, they will often “lose” their skills and have to relearn them.
Q- Can’t we just put my child in a level ahead to push them more?
  • No. Putting a swimmer in a level they are not ready for will not accelerate their learning. It will do the exact opposite. It will also compromise the swimmers who do belong in that level.
Q- My swimmer did not pass only one skill. Why do they have to repeat the level?
  • Most of the time that “one skill” is very important and challenging to pass to the next level. FCST only has 4 levels to the school aged program and 3 in our pre-school program and have specific skills needed to master. The skills needed to pass are mandatory for the next level.
Q- We had a class that was cancelled due to lightning and thunder. When will my make- up class be?
  • All make-up classes will be held on Fridays and occasionally Saturday mornings. We provide up to one make-up class/week for cancelled classes. We are limited to lane and rental space of our pool. You cannot just join into another instructor’s class later in the day. That can and will exceed our instructor to student ratio. The lesson director will always send out an email reminder.
Q- How do I know my class has been cancelled due to weather?
  • We do not cancel classes in advance unless there is a natural disaster like a hurricane. All classes will be cancelled on the day of the class at the pool deck if necessary. If you feel it is too dangerous to drive to the pool, please do not. However, if the storm clears and we were able to provide the lesson, we cannot provide a make-up class for your swimmer. Please do not call the office.
Q- Do you provide make-up classes for missed classes?
  • We provide make-up classes to students who are unable to participate due to illness. A doctor’s note must be scanned and emailed to the lesson director to be eligible. The make-up class will be provided when the swimmer is able to return. The instructor the swimmer was with cannot be guaranteed.
Q- During the make-up class my swimmer did not have the same instructor they have been with?
  • Do to the unpredictability of the weather and instructors schedules, there may be a time that you instructor will be different for make-up classes. However, our program is written out with specifics on what instructors should be covering for each day. 
Q- Why must my swimmer be swimming 3 days in a row? Why must we sign up for the entire 2 week session?
  • Swimming skills are learned by repetition and practice. With beginner swimmers it is critical to have multiple days in a row to keep practicing the new skills. Each level is broken down into a 6 day session. In order to be eligible to pass the level, the swimmer needs to participate in the full 6 days (2 week session).
Q- What do your lessons teach?
  • You can find out the skills our program teaches by “Choosing A Level” under the swim lesson drop down menu. FCST has provided which skills are needed to pass each level of our program.
Q- My swimmer finished all the levels. What is the next step?
  • Your next step would be our Swim League program. There are 3 levels to that program. Level 1 will be where your swimmer will begin.
Q- When will my swimmer be ready for the swim team?
  • If you swimmer is under the age of 9, they need to pass Swim League level 1 to join the team. If your swimmer is 10, your swimmer needs to pass Swim League level 2. If you swimmer is 11 and up, they need to be able to pass Swim League level 2 and  be able to train with Swim League level 3.
Q- There is no room in the swim league for the summer. What do I do?
  • We suggest your swimmer stay in the water, by continuing to sign up for our highest level of lessons, Green Swordfish. Swim League runs seasonally. They can begin Swim League in the fall, but are not guaranteed a spot.
Q- When will my swimmer be able to move to the next level?
  • Swimmers will be evaluated on the last day of their session. Swimmers will be given a report to show which skills they have passed and if they are ready to sign up for the next level.
Q- I signed up for the next level in the next session, because I thought my swimmer was going to pass the previous level. What do I do?
  • Please contact the lesson director as soon as possible. We will move the swimmer out of the level and into the correct level. However, we cannot guarantee a spot in the session you signed up for.
Q- I need to change the session I signed up for. What do I do?
  • Please contact the lesson director as soon as possible. We will try our best to move you into a session that will work with your schedule.
Q- What form of payment do you take?
  • We only accept certain major credit cards (Visa, Discover, and Master Card).  
Q- Do you have any discounts?
  • We provide a 20% discount to Colony Grant Residents for group lessons only.