Teaching Method

Teaching Method 

The emphasis of Splash Jax Swim School is to teach proper swim techniques while learning basic water safety in a fun, energetic atmosphere.  The Splash Jax Swim School staff has been professionally trained to offer your child the latest in teaching and learning.  You should expect to see progress after every class. Children are taught in small groups (4:1) which will allow them the ability to learn skills properly.  Our number one goal is to teach your child to really swim, increasing their chance of survival in a water emergency.  Secondly, we will teach your child to swim well by emphasizing correct competitive swimming techniques (streamline, body roll, bilateral breathing) from the beginning. 

 Splash Jax Swim School’s philosophy is to always reward children with praise and positive reinforcement for a job well done.  We believe that learning to swim is fun.  Splash Jax Swim School will encourage a child to use their imagination and curiosity to learn about water and swimming.  This action will excite the child and invite learning.  Splash Jax Swim School will utilize sequential drills that will help the child to know what is expected of them and allow the use of repetition, which is the best way to master new skills.

 An excellent teacher knows when to push and when to hug.  Empathy, balanced with love and discipline is instilled in our instructors.  Our instructors are encouraged to open up the lines of communication with their students and parents.  We believe that feelings matter, good teaching matters, and children matter.  At Splash Jax Swim School, we believe that with patience, encouragement, and practice, our students will make the most of their time in the water.