Nancy Hennessy & Chris Oliver

Nancy Hennessy & Chris Oliver are a dynamic duo in marriage and in business! They have been coaching and swimming for over 20 years including working for the University of Florida and Bolles! They are in their 6th season of teaching and coaching at Splash Jax. They have a busy family that includes 15 year old sons Ty and Cameron, and 10 year old Lacey. They are passionate about swimming and it can be felt by everyone around them. They hold a strong value for family and for community.


Pam Villa

Pam Villa swam on her summer swim team from age 8-18. During college she came back to coach that same team and lead them into higher levels in the league each year. She has her BA in Communications and is a University of Washington graduate as Seattle has been her home town until recently. She has taught swim lessons for 18 years, and has managed a swim school in Seattle for 6 years. Her passions are: teaching children with special needs how to swim; raising awareness in water safety; and coaching swim team. She lives in St. Augustine with her two children ages 18 & 20.


Bailey Peacock

Bailey joined swim team at the age of 4, and then he continued to swim year-round through high school. His favorite stroke is the butterfly. He has been teaching children how to swim for 3 years and loves it. He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and majored in Homeland Security. He is also an avid herpetologist! Bailey had been teaching and coaching for Splash Jax for two years.


Beth Pishko 

Beth has been involved in swimming her entire life. Her love for the sport started when she was first introduced to the water through swim lessons at age 3. She swan throughout her childhood as a competitive swimmer and as a collegiate athlete. Since then, she had been involved in swimming as a teacher and coach. She is a First Grade Teacher and a Mom of three boys.


Kaylee Petik

Kaylee is currently a math teacher at First Coast High School where she is also the head coach of the boys' and girls' swim team. She played water polo for four years at the University of Florida and swam competitively in South Florida with Fort Lauderdale Aquatics. Kaylee has been teaching swim lessons for  6 years to both children and adults.  


Kaleigh Newcomb

Kaleigh Newcomb is a student athlete in her junior year at the University of Northern Florida. She is studying Child Psychology and Public Health in hopes of becoming a Child Life Specialist. She began swimming as a young child and continues her swimming career at the collegiate level today. She was raised in a family that valued swimming as a sport and a necessary skill. Kaleigh began teaching lessons in High School in an attempt to give others the same great  experience that swimming gave her.


Ally Schillinger

Ally Schillinger grew up in Queens New York and has been swimming since she was five, when she joined a small local swim team. She loved the water since she was a baby so swimming was a great fit. She later joined a more competitive club team so she could move further in the sport but continued to coach on her original team until she graduated from high school. Today, she has been given the incredible opportunity to swim for a Division 1 University and is a current student at the University of North Florida. Working with Splash Jax allows her to continue to learn about the sport she loves while being able to share her passion with a new generation. 


Kyla Merrill

Kyla Merrill is a senior at Nease High School. She has been swimming her whole life because her Mom worked at a swim school while she was growing up. Kyla learned how to swim all 4 strokes very well by age 4. She continued in swim  lessons until she was 10, perfecting her strokes. She has been teaching swim lessons for two years.  Kyla loves children and has been taking care of them since she was 12.  She was born and raised in Seattle and moved to Florida recently.  She is very talented at playing piano, photography and painting.


Sarah Franz

Sarah is currently am entering her junior year, and swims for University of North Florida. She is from Sarasota, Florida and swam for the Sarasota YMCA Sharks. Previously, she coached at the Venice YMCA hurricanes. She enjoys coaching because it gives her a new perspective of the swimming world.