American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Courses offered at the Carmel Aquatics Center

In this class, you will receive certifications in CPR for the Professional Rescuer, AED, Lifeguarding, and First Aid.

Requirements for the class

Must be 15 years or older to take the class

Must be able to swim 300 yards

Must be able to retrieve a 10lb brick from bottom of pool

Must be able to tread water for 2 minutes

Students will receive a book at the beginning of the class to use throughout the class.  Students should bring a swim suit and towel to each class.

Participants will learn in water and out of water skills.

To pass the course, participants must pass ALL skills tests (skills are pass or fail) and score 80% or better on both written tests.  Participants must pass both the skills tests and written tests to pass the course and receive certification status.

If the participant passes the course, the certification is good for two years.  Every two years lifeguard must get recertification  

Lifeguard Class Cost



Need Recertified?

This class is for CURRENT American Red Cross Lifeguards. 

Participants must show proof of their current lifeguard certification.

Certifications that have expired after the 30 day mark will NOT be excepted and participants will have to take the full lifeguard course.

There will be some review of course materials, but participants should come to the class prepared for all skills (in water and out of water) to be tested, plus take the written tests again. 

Skills are Pass or Fail.

Written tests: there are two written tests and participants must score 80% or better on both tests.

To pass the course, participants must pass both the skills tests and the written tests. 
Recertification Cost:




Please contact Nicole Bills, Aquatics Director, at or 317-571-4047 with any questions.

Registration can be completed online at under the program registration tab

Please bring the following to class every day: swim suit, towel, change of clothes, packed lunch, and a good attitude.

Class sizes are limited so register early!