Parent Testimonials
"We feel so fortunate to have excellent instruction and a fun environment to build endurance and skill."  Elizabeth Lewis

I have two girls in the program, ages 5 and newly 9. The oldest had some prior experience but not enough to feel comfortable in the water. A few sessions in and she's confident and "really swimming now, Mom!". The youngest was absolutely petrified of water and spent the first couple classes refusing to do most of the activities out of sheer terror. Within weeks, though, it has become her favorite activity and she asks almost every day if this is a "swim day". The patience and knowledgeability of all of the instructors is awesome to watch as a parent. Thanks, Carmel Swim!  Samantha Wootten
I have been extremely pleased at the progress my twin ten year olds have made as a result of swimming lessons with the Carmel Aquatics Swim Center. When they started the program in Sept., they were placed in the beginner level as they did not know how to swim at all; not even dog paddle. Now my son is swimming full laps in freestyle and has also some skills in back & breast stroke. My daughter has not advanced quite as much but has also learned free style quite well.  They have both enjoyed the program and the instructors tremendously and are quite proud of their accomplishments! Eric Phillips
"I really appreciate the Carmel Swim Club program.  My kids enjoy the lessons and the teachers are great!" Anonymous

"My daughter loves this Homeschool Swim Team.  The program is challenging, yet not stressful.  She loves to swim with other homeschoolers, some younger and some older.  Coach Nicole is very dedicated to the training and the cost of the program is very reasonable too."  Sarah Che


"Allie has thoroughly enjoyed her stroke development class this fall.  She thrives on challenges and that is exactly what the coaches give her.  She also loves the variety of drills that are utilized in each class as it keeps her engaged the entire 45 minutes.  The staff is friendly and accessible and we definitely plan on returning.  Overall a great experience and Allie loves coming each week." John Lenz

"The homeschool swim team has been a huge blessing for our family! Our kids have benefited from both the team experience for my oldest and semiprivate lessons with Nicole for my two youngest who are still learning to swim. We are thrilled at how well all of them are progressing in ability, endurance and overall confidence in the water and are so grateful for this experience. It has been a wonderful balance of community, exercise, and fun for our children all wrapped up in the in the intrinsic reward that accompanies hard work!" Kate Britton