SFP Pre-School Groups


Swimmers wishing to enter the Pre-School Group Lessons must meet the following:

  1. Swimmers must be 3 or 4 years old.  Swimmers that turn 3 during a Session will be evaluated to determine if they are ready for Pre-School Group Lessons.   
  2. Swimmer must be able to listen and follow directions in a small group for Safety Reasons.
  3. Swimmer must remain in the water for the class. 
  4. Pre-School Classes do not premit parents in the water. 

All Session Dates Can be found HERE.

Class Schedules Can be found HERE. (Please note class schedules will be updated ONE WEEK Prior to Open Registration)

Pre-School Level  Skills Taught Length of Class Student / Instructor Ratio Cost
Beginner  New To Water 30 Minutes 3 to 1 $129
 Water Adaptation
 Inhalation and Exhalation on the deck
Face in Water Blowing Mouth Bubbles (Introduction to Nose Bubbles)
 Water Safety
 Sit  Fall Back to Wall Assisted
 Jumping in Assisted
 Use of Personal Flotation Devices
 Front and Back Floats Assisted 
Intermediate Must Pass Pre-School Beginner Skills 30 Minutes 3 to 1 $129
Must Complete 3 Consecutive Bobs
Face in Water Blowing Nose Bubbles
Consecutive Bobs with Nose Bubbles
Sit Fall Back to Wall Assisted
Jumping in Assisted
Front Float and Back Float with Ready Positions 
Advanced Must Pass all of Pre-School Intermediate Skills 30 Minutes 3 to 1 $129
Must Complete 10 Consecutive Bobs using Nose Bubbles
Must be able to do front and back float unassisted for 10 seconds
Must  be able to do Sit Fall Back to Wall Unassisted
Water Safety 
Jumping In Unassisted
Streamline Kicking on Front and Back
Freestyle and Backstroke