Advancement Skills

Pre-School Advancement Skills

Level Advancement Skills
1     Splashers Water Adaptation
Get In Pool By Self
Get Out Of Pool By Self
Flutter Kick Holding Wall
Adjustment To Coach
Reaching Assists
Use of Person Flotation Devices
Throwing Floating Objects
2       Bubblers Go Underwater By Self
Open Eyes Underwater
Hold Breath and Blow out (deck)
Blow Bubbles In Water
3           Kickers Sit/Fall/Kick Back To Wall
Tread Water
Kick Across Pool Prone
Kick Across Pool on Back
Kick with Arms Extended
4               Roll Over, Float, Yell For Help Jump Into Water Unassisted
Surface And Roll To Back
Yell For "Help"
Maintain Back Float 30 Seconds
Prone Float and Kick
Back Float and Kick
5                 Crawlers Prone Movement With Arms Underwater
Breathe To The Front
Standing Up, Return To Side
Backstroke Arm Movement, Recovery
6                Frogs Breaststroke Kick Movement
Breaststroke Arm Movement
Modified Crawl - 20 Feet
Backstroke - 20 Feet
7               Dolphins Dolphin Kick
Dolphin Kick with 1 Arm Stroke
Dolphin Kick with 2 Arm Strokes
Crawl - Out of Water Arm Recovery
Breaststroke - 20 Feet
8       Starfish  Crawl - Out of Water Arm Recovery 
Crawl - With Side Breathing
Backstroke - 50 Feet
Breaststroke - 50 feet
Butterfly 20 feet 2 arms
9             Divers Sitting Dive
Kneeling Dive
Standing Dive
10             Swimmers Crawl - 25 yards with breathing and dive
Backstroke - 25 yards
Breaststroke - 25 yards
Somersault or Shoulder roll in water by wall
Streamline on push off of wall