Private and Semi Private Policies 

  1. Participants must reach the age of 3 prior to the start of the lesson
  2. Be able to listen and follow directions.
  3. A minimum of 3 Private or Semi-Private Lessons must be scheduled.
  4. Privates are scheduled within Sessions. Session Dates can be found HERE.  
  5. Semi Privates require two swimmers. Swimmers should be equal in water skills and ability and close in age.  Semi-Privates may be split up 15 minutes one swimmer and 15 minutes the other swimmer if swimmers are not close in age or vary differently in water skills. EMAC does not provide the second swimmer for Semi-Privates. 
  6. Private and Semi Private Lesson's must be coordinated through the Lesson Coordinator.
  7. Payment is received prior to the first lesson scheduled.  If payment is not received prior to scheduled lesson the lesson will be canceled.
  8. All cancelations must be received 6 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time by contacting EMAC (coachmarty@emacswim.org / 215-407-3089) or the lesson will be forfeited.  There will be no make-ups for absences where EMAC is not notified in advance.
  9. Make Up Classes: will only be offered when notification is received 6 hours prior to the scheduled class.  All Make Ups must be scheduled within the current session.  EMAC will provide the participant with dates that are available within a session for all make ups. 
  10. Cancellations made by EMAC will be provided with a make-up day or credit to their lesson account for class(es).
  11. All Credits and Refunds for Privates will be placed on the members account not refunded to the members credit card.