Requesting Procedure


Process for Requesting and Scheduling Private and Semi Private Lessons.

1. Contact the Lesson Coordinator at with the following info (this information is necessary in order to complete the process in a timely manner):

  • Name and Age
  • Interested In Privates or Semi Privates (EMAC does NOT provide the second swimmer for a Semi Private Lesson, or swimmers for an Adult Group Lesson)
  • Number of Lessons Interested In
  • Day and Times Interested (be specific) 
  • Preferred Instructor if a Returning Member

2. If an Instructor is available you will receive an email from the Lesson Coordinator with the days and times available. Member shall accept the dates and times that fit their schedule.  

3. The Coordinator will confirm the dates and times of the lesson and create an online registration located on the registration platform on the website.  Registration will only be open for a specific amount of time.  Failure to register in that time frame may result in forfeiting your accepted days and times.  

Please Note: this is a process and can take more than a week to schedule.  Scheduling occurs approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of a new session.