Learn to Dive


Questions about diving? Contact Coach Stephenie at stephenie.v[email protected]

Diving Classes at Minnetonka

Blue Group - Learn to Dive - Non-Competitive Group

  • New to the sport! No previous experience or very limited. 
  • Ages 7 to 77 years old. 
  • Divers will be taught the basic movements and fundamentals for take offs and entries. (Forward and Backwards) 
  • Divers will learn basic dives in all directions from the side of the pool as well as on the 1 meter springboard.
  • All athletes give their best try at learning new skills. More than just jumping or doing a forward dive in. Each diver is assessed and progressed as skills are learned.
  • The coaches will recommend when they need to be moved up to the Club group. 


Minnetonka Dive Club (MDC) - Competitive Groups

  • Divers have to have prior experience to join this group.
  • Diver can perform 3 out of the 5 categories in competitive diving. (front, back, reverse, inward and twisters)
  • Competed on a high school team or has dove with Minnetonka Dive Club group previously. 
  • If the diver has no experience but has a strong gymnastics background please contact coach Stephenie for further discussion. 



Open to all other supporters of our program. 

Our fundraising opportunities will help provide funds necessary to add equipment that is used in all our programs. Coaches will pass along fundraising opportunities to families and the community as they come along.



Yes! Information will come from the coaches when there is an opportunity to compete and what the requirements will be.

Questions about diving? Contact Coach Stephenie at stephenie.v[email protected]