2017-18 Membership Information

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High Point Swim Club is excited about starting the 2017-2018 swim season. Over the last couple of years the team has continued to grow and excel at higher levels of swimming. As a result of this growth we have the need to fine tune our structure to meet the needs of our athletes at all levels. New Members are invited to join us at any point in the season. We would like to have you contact the staff at 887-4772 ext. 12 to set up an evaluation.

For the 2017-18 swim season the program has been subdivided into three larger groups with sub groups or training groups in each.

Seasonal Team

We are now at the THOMASVILLE YMCA and the Igloo

Seasonal Team is designed to accommodate novice to High School level athletes and to teach and develop strokes and philosophies of competitive swimming. It is offered in three (3) individual twelve (12) week seasons, Fall (Sept-Nov), Winter (Jan-Mar), Spring (May-July).

Competition opportunities are team hosted time trials called Friday Night at the Races which happen twice during a season.

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Competitive Team

Competitive Team is designed to progress the athletes from Developmental to State Level swimmers through stroke technique, race strategies, goal setting and developing dedication to the sport of swimming. Competitive Team members generally are multi activity/multi-sport athletes.

Competition expectations are team hosted and local meets. With the option to do more travel meets should the athlete/family wish to.

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Championship Team

Championship team is designed for athletes that participate at NC State Championships, Sectional and National Level competition.

Swimmers are dedicated to swimming at its highest level in training and competition. Swimming has become a priority to this athlete. At the 12 & under age there will be some participation in other activities and those become fewer and fewer as the athlete matures in the sport.

Practice Time and Fees  --  Program Description  -- Entrance Workout