Give to HPSC

Your tax deductible donation helps HPSC continue our good works. Email our treasurer to receive your donation form and help kids get wet!

Thank you in advance for your donation and support.

Each year after Thanksgiving we have Black Friday, then Cyber Monday to be followed by Giving Tuesday, Giving Tuesday is a global event to raise awareness for non-profits and other organizations that are doing good things in their communities. Did you know that HPSC has a number of outreach initiatives?

Here are some numbers and ways that HPSC gives back to our community.

  • Swim 4 FUN/Swim 4 Life & Swim Lesson Scholarships

    • Taught 1000 children to swim for free or at a reduced cost through Swim 4 FUN/Swim 4 Life or our lesson program.

  • Swim Team Scholarships

    • Awarded over $24,000 to children participating on the team.

  • Community Meal served at Ward Street Ministries

    • Served over 700 meals through the Ward Street Community Meal.

  • Swim Meet Participation Scholarships

    • Awarded over $1200 to assist swimmers attend meets

HPSC has a couple of ways that you can help us continue to make a difference in our community. As you know, doing good work takes money to make the programs happen. Annually Swim 4 FUN has been supported by community grants that raise over $25,000. The other programs that we run rely on the team or members to assist. The lessons and team scholarships need $24,000 annually or $2000 per month.

How you can help? Here are two options to fit any budget.

Make a one-time donation.

Making a larger one-time donation allows you a full 2015 tax deduction now and helps children today.

  • Make a donation to help a child learn to swim. Normally it takes a child 4-6 swim lesson sessions to gain skills needed to master swimming. However, a simple donation of $75 can provide a child with the skills to save their life. GIVE A LESSON

  • Make a donation to help a child participate on the team. HPSC gives $1500 monthly to swimmers so they may participate in our program. As you know it costs on average $125 per month to participate in our program. GIVE TO THE TEAM

Make a smaller monthly donation.

This smaller monthly donation can be added to your current Team Unify monthly dues payment. This is also a tax deduction that will make an ongoing impact to our programs. The smaller monthly donation is meant to be easy for you to participate on a monthly basis. If your situation changes, you may add to your monthly donation. A donation of as little as $15 makes a huge difference.

Any of the mentioned contributions are greatly appreciated by the HPSC Staff and Board as it allows the swim club, your swim club, to continue its mission of developing great swimmers and great people. To set up your donation, follow this link.