LDSA COVID-19 Procedures


LDSA PHASE I OPENING DETAIL- “Walk-through Swim Instruction”

            Facility Preparation & Investments

  • A full cleaning and disinfecting of our facility by the Scalzo Company.
  • A micro antibacterial coating applied to all our touch surfaces, including carpets and teaching tools by the Scalzo Company. (excepted effectiveness 90 days)
  • Non-touch automated front door installed.
  • Push bar exit door installed.
  • Four Hand sanitizing stations added to four hand washing locations within our building.
  • Spray disinfectant bottles added to changing areas at heights accessible to adults.           
  • Our HVAC Company (C&M) will open our HVAC Unit dedicated to the pool room to a maximum of outside air.
  • C&M will install a maximum filter in that system.
  • During the summer months we will have the window open in the pool area as weather permits. We will also open the door as we judge helpful.

            Personal Hygiene:

                        Our Families:

  • Any family member (Student or parent) must stay home if they have a temperature, are coughing or feel sick.
  • Health screen completed by each family upon arrival at our facility.
    • Each screen will download directly into our data base for contact tracing.  
  • Each parent or child entering LDSA will have their temperature taken (infrared/non-touch technology) when entering building. If a temp is over 100.4 degrees, they will be sent home.
  • Parents wear masks and practice physical distancing inside the building (unless as a student when in the pool) and in the parking areas.
  • Sanitize hands upon entry.
  • Wash hands and use paper towels when its’ necessary to touch any handle.

            Our Staff:

  • Each staff member temperature taken upon arrival. If 100.4 degrees or above, sent home.
  • Each staff wearing a face covering (likely a face shield) when teaching within six feet of students or in public (engaged with families or students).
    • Face coverings can be lowered when 6 feet or more away from students to provide a demonstration such as blowing bubbles.

            Reducing Personal Contact:

  • Only one parent brings their child to class
  • Students wear swimsuits to class.
    • For those that aren’t potty trained this may be more difficult. Please consider these options:
      • Changing in your car when you park.
      • Use the pool deck (white cubby) changing table.
      • Additional changing options depending upon what day and time you attend class, thus we may have to examine the options with you the first week.
  • Enrollment will be limited, class sizes reduced and the number of classes reduced.
    • GW, GG, B1 classes limited to 3 students per class.
    • Most Beg 2, AB, Intermediate, SD and Baby & Me, Toddler & Me will be reduced in size. We will be contacting you to offer options if after receiving the INFORMATION FORM we have what was once a full class.
  • Classes will end 5 minutes earlier than normal at the outset to improve physical distancing.
  • “Drop Off & Go” - Anyone with a Beginner 2, AB2, Intermediate or Super-Dolphin Class, please drop your student and unless your circumstances are very special, such as having a student with great fear, or a second student in a Get Wet, Get Gliding or Beginner I class.:
    • Bring a lawn chair and sit outside during class.
    • Go for a walk or run.
    • Run a quick errand
    • Wait in your car
    • Wait in the Multi-purpose room with Video Feed.
    • Watch through windows from outside the building.
  • Get Wet, Get Gliding parents may sit on pool deck (only 4-6 chairs available)
  • Get Wet, Get Gliding, Beginner 1 and AB1 parents can sit or stand in observation area (only 4-6 chairs available).

  • One-way traffic pattern through LDSA:
    • Bring your student in their swimsuit, by entering through the front door (now touch free).
    • Temperature will be taken either outside the front door or at front desk. (if necessary, exit through MP room)
    • Parents and students will sanitize hands immediately when entering the building.
    • Touch free check in (use stencil or front desk person help)
    • Students enter the pool for their classes from observation area through the far glass door.
      • Staff member will call students to their classes and open the door for them.
      • Parents go to their waiting spot, across pool deck and through changing rooms if exiting. 
    • No showers – dry off on the pool deck please.
    • Exit through changing rooms (change quickly if you’d like or leave in your suit) and through multi-purpose room and the door to the sidewalk on Vosseller Ave.
    • With 5 minutes between classes, a staff member may quickly spray and wipe surface of 4-6 deck and 4-6 observation chairs to disinfect.
  • Limited “sit stations” to watch classes—please keep spaced about six feet apart.


  • LDSA will increase to a maximum fresh air through our pool room HVAC unit and utilize the highest restrictive filtration for air recirculated.
    • This will mean turning all the air in the pool room over with new, fresh air, about every 8 minutes, or 7.5 times per hour.
  • Reducing the number of people in the building will reduce contacting others.
  • All people age 2 and over wearing a face covering until they enter the pool for class. (Contact us for exceptions that endanger a child.)
  • Instructors teaching with a face shield or mask when within 6 feet of students.


  • There will be disinfectant spray available to adults in many areas.
  • LDSA staff will be circulating throughout the day disinfecting touch areas.
  • Each evening when classes end, we will be disinfecting all contact areas throughout our facility by using disinfect spray and wiping.


There are many new protocols we will be using to adapt our teaching to keep both our students and staff safe. Please review the attached video for some of that information.