CORE 1 Skill Develop

 Technique Development

Coach Warner's camp design is planned by working backward from his development of Olympic Champions. We know that your skills are your potentional. By refining technique a swimmer can unlock their potentional that will move them down the road toward a fantastic experience in the sport of competitive swimming. 

At the pool our staff gives constant feedback to mold a series of movement and drills to develop each stroke from the 'inside out.' We begin with body position and add parts with constant attention to refining the motor neurons toward the most effective technique possible in the shortest period of time. Our approach to turns and starts is similar in that we begin with the most basic movement and progress step by step.

Every length of the pool is pre-set in steps in Coach Warner's design. A coach to swimmer ratio of 1:9 or better provides constant feedback to each and every swimmer. We generally spend a day emphasizing each of the four strokes and the corresponding starts and turns.

Video Analysis

Each camper receives an individual DVD of their four strokes filmed underwater to take home at the end the session.   Each day, the coach and swimmer analyze the stroke in a one-on-one session.  The analysis takes place session and then more water work is performed for maximum learning and improvement.