Intention of ARETE


… an opportunity to transform your life.    

We often talk in society today about “Attention Deficit Disorder.” This should be much less of a concern than “INTENTION Deficit Disorder.” Many of us have our attention drawn in more directions than ever before with information and stimulation coming from text messaging, twitter, email, cell phones, the internet and our contact with a world that seems to be darting in all directions. We have developed this seminar to teach the participant how to focus all of their mind’s energy or to strengthen their INTENTIONS.

Arete was the word the ancient Greeks used to describe excellence in all facets of life including athletics, academics and art. We will help you learn the tools to direct your life toward this excellence.

The content of the seminar is based upon fundamental truths of self-image psychology that Coach Warner has been teaching to his teams for over thirty years. With the technological advances in power point, video and other mediums we are better able to teach the visual and the auditory learner than ever before. In our longer seminars we are able to include more activity and learning from ‘doing.’ Each workshop is broken down into three major areas:

                Part I:     How The Human Mind Works

                Part II:    The Law of Attraction (Imaging & Goal Setting)

                Part III:  The Law of Circulation (Teamwork)

The Intention of Arete seminar can be conducted with an entire senior or college team, in part, as a team building exercise. The most important lessons are in understanding the power of the mind, however.  An open mind by the participant can mean a person transforming their life. The seminar can be customized for your group and the time commitment it would like to make. It can be as little as two and a half hours and as long as eight hours.

Coach Warner has been a popular speaker at conventions and seminars around the world. His fall speaking schedule(inclusive of other topics):

9/6 ASCA World Clinic, San Diego, CA               10/14 Sacred Heart University, CT      

10/15 Summit Y, NJ                                          12/7-12 Dubai, UAE     

 Coach Warner’s credentials to conduct this seminar are unique. After spending a year apprenticeship with legendary coach Eddie Reese at the University of Texas, he spent more than twenty-years as a club coach in USA Swimming with tremendous success. His teams in Wilton, Connecticut and Sarasota, Florida won seven National Y Team Championships. He coached fifteen USA National Team members, including two Olympic Gold Medalists.  

He spent nearly another twenty years coaching collegiate swimming with similar success. For four years he coached D II power house Cal State Bakersfield to three runners-up finishes at the NCAA Championships.  For thirteen years, he was the head coach at D I Rutgers University and voted Big East Coach of the Year four times. While at RU his team moved from finishing twelfth in the conference when he arrived to being ranked twelfth in the nation.

In 2004-2006, he served as President of the American Swimming Coaches Association. Coach Warner is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Four Champions, One Gold Medal.” Perhaps most importantly, Coach Warner experienced his own life being transformed by these concepts and wants to pass them on to others.

Coach Richard Ludeman, Head Coach, Sacred Heart University Swimming: “Coach Warner is fluid in his delivery of the information and easy to listen to. For the past 48 hours since the seminar our team’s self-image has never been higher. What an excellent experience for our team!”

Fee for seminar:To be arranged based upon the length and size of group

For more information on Chuck Warner’s speaking experience and other programs please see: www.areteswim.comor contact coachchuckwarner@gmail.comor call 732-921-5989.