College Seminar

The Possibilities and Process For College Swimming

May 6, WWAE Family Empowerment Center CLICK HERE

A seminar by Coach Chuck Warner       

The choice of where to attend college is the most important life choice many of us make before leaving home. It is not unusual today that this choice for a swimmer involves a $200,000 price tag. Many swimmers and their parents enter their junior or senior year of high school without an accurate perspective of the process that will greatly affect their cost of their college education, their swimming experience there and their readiness for the ‘world’ when they graduate. For example:

·         What kind of athletic scholarships are available at different schools and conferences?

·         Should I try to decide on a college early in my senior year or wait until the spring?

·         Where will I fit into the team?

·         What admissions consideration will be given at a school based upon my swimming achievements?

·         Is high school recognition more important than USA Swimming recognition or fast times?

·         What value will my degree have in helping me meet my professional goals?


This year, Coach Chuck Warner will offer to area clubs and high school student-athletes a 2 hour seminar to help each individual find the answers to these questions and much more. The seminar will progress from the basics:

·         The difference in expectations and college lifestyle in Division I, II and III swimming.

·         A typical week in the life of a college swimmer.

·         The college recruiting rules and calendars for all high school years.

·         Athletic eligibility in college and how you attain it and retain it.

·         What to expect in the recruiting process and how to make it most effective for you.

To the more complex:

·         How to evaluate your own personal priorities while you consider athletics and academics.

·         How to evaluate each school based upon your own priorities.

·         The role of the coach’s personality and team expectations and how they might affect your joy in college swimming.

·         Prospects for athletic aid and how to find the best scholarship.

·         How to keep your scholarship

Coach Warner’s credentials to conduct this seminar are unique. After spending a year apprenticeship with legendary coach Eddie Reese at the University of Texas, he spent more than twenty-years as a club coach in USA Swimming with tremendous success. His teams in Wilton, Connecticut and Sarasota, Florida won seven National Y Team Championships. He coached fifteen USA National Team members, including two Olympic Gold Medalists. 

He spent nearly another twenty years coaching collegiate swimming with similar success. For four years he coached D II power house Cal State Bakersfield to three runners-up finishes at the NCAA Championships.  For thirteen years, he was the head coach at D I Rutgers University and voted Big East Coach of the Year four times. While at RU his team moved from finishing twelfth in the conference when he arrived to being ranked twelfth in the nation.

In 2004-2006, he served as President of the American Swimming Coaches Association. Coach Warner is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Four Champions, One Gold Medal.”

Every swimmer will leave the seminar with information such as:

ü  Conferences around the USA and corresponding scholarship levels

ü  Information on how to search for your specific needs within a university

ü  How to access additional information for your personal search.

The BCC seminar would have great value for all families with 9-12th grade students. We suggest teams working together to provide this service for their high school age swimmers and/or this being offered as a service by the LSC in groups of twenty swimmers or more

“I heard from many parents and your presentation was fantastic… It not only gave them an overview about how to be successful swimming in college, but helped them understand the process of applying, what it takes to get in, and how to choose the right college for you both academically and athletically. They walked away with the clear understanding of how to begin their search and what criteria to look for when comparing their academics, social and swimming personalities with that of the colleges they are looking at. Thank you for your professionalism!”

-          Coach Laura Riddell, Head Coach Summit Y, NJ


For more information on Chuck Warner’s speaking experience and other programs please see: www.areteswim.comor contact coachchuckwarner@gmail.comor call 732-921-5989.