Level 1


Level 1 is for our absolute beginners. Our goal is to introduce swimmers to the water and get them better acquainted while focusing on basic water safety. Since they have very little experience with the water, our maximum ratio is 3:1 student to instructor. GOGGLES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN LEVEL 1 CLASSES.

-  Begin to develop water safety skills.
-  Become more comfortable in the water without assistance.
-  Learn basic swimming skills such as floating, kicking, and a “paddle stroke”

-  Children must be at least 4 years of age.
-  Swimmers must be completely toilet trained.
-  Must be comfortable in and around the water without a parent/guardian present.
-  Children must be able to take instruction from someone other than a parent, guardian, or family member

Safety Skills Taught:
-  Proper pool entry and exit
-  Moving along the wall
-  Safety on the pool deck
-  Obeying lifeguards and pool rules

Water Skills Taught:
-  Learn how to put face in the water to blow bubbles and eventually full head submersions
-  Develop a proper kick on stomach and back
-  Become comfortable in the water with "paddle strokes" unassisted

Level 1 Objectives:
Before any level 1 swimmer can advance to our Level 2, he/she must be able to complete the following objectives. Once all objectives are achieved, the instructor will give approval to move on.

1 – Full Head Submersion “Bob’s”- Comfortably put head under water consistently 5-7 times

2 – Breath Exchange - Face in the water blowing bubbles and breathing in when head pops up

3 – Kicking on Stomach- Proper kicking on stomach. Devices may be used

4 – Floating on Back- Floating on back in starfish position for 15 seconds

5 – Safety Swim- Propel self to wall and grab on from 6 feet away

Swimmers must master ALL exercises in the Objective category before they can move on to Level 2.  Some swimmers may have to stay in this Level for multiple rounds of lessons in order to accomplish all Objective tasks and move on to Level 2.