Level 2


Level 2 is for our swimmers who have mastered the Level 1 objectives. Here we focus on being more proficient in the freestyle and backstroke motions while stressing a proper kick technique. By the end of Level 2, they will be ready to learn freestyle with a “side-breath” which is a focus in Level 3.

-  Continue to develop water safety skills.
-  Begin to develop proper technique for freestyle and backstroke

-  In order to be placed in Level 2, swimmers must be able to complete all 5 Level 1 Objectives.

Safety Skills Taught:
-  Continue with pool safety in or around the pool.
-  What to do in case of an emergency

Water Skills Taught:
-  Continue to develop skills mastered in Level 1
-  Strengthen freestyle ability and use a “pop-up” breath
-  Introduce backstroke and maintain proper body position
-  Learn kicking techniques with limited use of devices

Level 2 Objectives:
Before any level 2 swimmer can advance to our level 3, he/she must be able to complete the following objectives. Once all objectives are achieved, the instructor will give approval to move on to level 3.

1 – Kick with Kickboard- Comfortably able to kick for 25ft

2 – Freestyle Stroke- Can perform proper freestyle stroke with face in the water and breathing (to the side or pop-up)

3 – Kick on Back- Body in proper alignment; head resting correctly; no assistance

4 – Freestyle With Pop-up Breath- Swim freestyle stroke (acceptable to lift head for breath)

5 – Backstroke- Controlled backstroke with arm and leg movement for 20ft

Swimmers must master ALL exercises in the Objective category before they can move on to Level 3.  Some swimmers may have to stay in this Level for more than one round on lessons in order to accomplish all Objective tasks and move on to the next Level.