Level 3


Level 3 is for our swimmers who have mastered the Level 2 objectives. In freestyle, learning to have a proper “side-breath” is one of the most difficult tasks for a child. Level 3’s main objective is to have swimmers master this technique. By the end, swimmers will be able to comfortably swim freestyle and perform the “side-breath” repeatedly.

-  Master swimming freestyle with a “side-breath.”
-  Learn butterfly

-  In order to be placed in Level 3, swimmers must be able to complete all 5 Level 2 Objectives.

Safety Skills Taught:
-  How to react if others are in need of help around the pool.

Water Skills Taught:
-  Continue to develop skills mastered in Level 2.
-  Proper technique for freestyle with a “side-breath”
-  Master the backstroke
-  Learn proper butterfly kick and swim

Level 3 Objectives:
Before any Level 3 swimmer can advance to our Level 4, he/she must be able to complete the following objectives. Once all objectives are achieved, the instructor will give approval to move on to level 4.

1 – Freestyle with Side Breathing- Freestyle swimming with side breathing for 20 feet ADVANCE: using both sides to take breaths

2 – Backstroke Swimming - Improve upon backstroke skills

3 – Body Dolphin Motion, Butterfly Kick - Proper butterfly kicking with arms at sides

4 – Butterfly Stroke - Proper butterfly swim with simultaneous arms and kick

5 – Streamline Push-offs - Proper streamline push-offs with kicking or swimming for 15 feet

Swimmers must master ALL exercises in the Advancement category before they can move on to the next Level.  Some swimmers may have to stay in this Level for more than one round on lessons in order to accomplish all Advancement tasks and move on to the next Level.