Level 4


 Level 4 is for our most advanced students. This is the final step before being eligible to join GPAC’s Swim Team. The final 2 strokes, breaststroke and butterfly, are the emphasis. By the end of Level 4, students will have both strokes mastered.

-  Have a USA Swimming legal breaststroke and butterfly.


-  In order to be placed in Level 4, swimmers must be able to complete all 5 Level 3 Objectives.


Water Skills Taught:
-  A legal butterfly kick and a full body butterfly kick.
-  A legal butterfly stroke.
-  A legal breaststroke kick.
-  A legal breaststroke stroke.


Level 4 Objectives:
Before any Level 4 swimmer can advance to our swim team, he/she must be able to complete the following objectives. Once an objective is achieved, the instructor will punch a hole in their band.


1 – Butterfly Kick- Proper butterfly kick. FEET TOGETHER  15yds

2 – Full-Body Butterfly Kick- a kick that involves full body motion 15yds

3 – Butterfly Swim- proper swim 15yds

4 – Breaststroke Kick- proper LEGAL breaststroke kick 15yds

5 – Breaststroke Swim- 15yds proper breaststroke

Swimmers must master ALL exercises in the Objective category before they can be considered for the swim team.  Some swimmers may have to stay in this Level for more than one round of lessons in order to accomplish all Objective tasks and move on.