Meet Checklist

When it is time to hit the road for a travel swim meet, you want to make sure you have everything you need at the pool, so here is a list of items that should be packed.

  • Team Suit - Always pack a spare suit (they do fall apart sometimes!).  For championship meets, remember to pack your performance suit and warm-up suits.
  • Team Swim Cap - Pack two, they tear easily!
  • Team T-Shirt - To ward off the chill and look like a team.
  • Goggles - At least two pair (straps break!).  You can also pack extra straps, so favorite goggles can be saved (but, replacement takes time - thus the need for an extra pair).  Always alternate two pair during practice.  NEVER wear untested, new goggles at a meet.
  • Deck Sandals - There’s plenty of ways to pick up infection and get injured around the pool.  MAKE them wear sandals on EVERY pool deck - inside or outside!
  • Gloves/Socks - meets during cold weather require you to keep your hands & feet warm for better performances.
  • Towels - Pack at least two (big ones).  Everything around the pool gets wet!
  • Something Warm to Wear - Team parka or warm up suit, or sweats and Team fleece jacket; if it’s not a article of team apparel at LEAST make sure it has team colors! 
  • Ear Drops – (for those prone to ear infections) Usually, a vinegar/alcohol solution in a glycerin base - you don’t want to deal with swimmer’s ear.  Use after practice and meets.
  • Baby Powder - To lightly dust inside of swim caps after drying them; keeps them from sticking together and makes them easier to put on! (A sample size will last a long time.). 
  • Toiletries - Swim shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, comb, contact solution, girls-only stuff, deodorant, and other bathroom stuff. 
  • A DRY Change of Clothes - For after the meet (to remain dry in a swim bag they must be in a separate compartment or Ziploc bag!). 
  • INHALERS - If your child is asthmatic, this is the most important thing they own.  Different environments have different triggers that can set off an attack.  Tell the coach if your child has asthma and where they can find their inhalers!  Pack their inhalers!  Same for other medications. 
  • Entertainment Items - Books (for reading and school work), MP3/CD player (with earphones), CDs, Gameboys, playing cards, etc.  There’s lots of time between events!
  • Extra Plastic Bags - For keeping things dry (various sizes)
  • Sunscreen - Get a waterproof type and put it on before you get to the meet (it needs time to soak in).  Put it on again after a couple of hours. It’s a good idea to have Sunglasses and a Hat.