Alumni in College Swimming

The City of Mobile Swim Association is extremely proud of all of our former athletes. We have dedicated this page to those swimmers whose commitment to becoming an elite competitor has earned them the distinct privilege of continuing their swimming careers at the collegiate level.

Please e-mail Coach Tyler Kerns if you have any updates to this information.

Graduating Year

Swimmer - Collegiate Program

Class of 1981

Reed Dunne - Tulane

Class of 1982

Melanie Blythe - Auburn
Joe Fesenmeier - NC State 

Class of 1983

Kenny Wear - Alabama
Ronny Gaston - USM

Class of 1984

Pat Dunne – Tulane
 Ford Parker - Alabama

Class of 1987

Tim Dunne - Tulane

Class of 1994

Allison Beebe - Davidson

Class of 1996

Matt Busbee - Auburn
Elaine Heausler - Henderson State

Class of 1997

Beau Oliver - US Naval Academy

Class of 1998

Meagan Barnett - Alabama
Christina McGough - West Virginia

Class of 1999

Joe Gonzales - Auburn
Mandy Mularz - Rice
Matt Smith - Rose-Hulman

Class of 2000

Lir Derieg - South Carolina
Lee Ann Johnston - West Virginia
Colin Quina - LSU/ Spring Hill

Class of 2001

Anne Currin - LSU
Spencer Garthwait - Auburn

Class of 2001

Michael Papa - US Naval Academy

Class of 2002

Brian Duke - Spring Hill
Kellie Fassbender - Spring Hill
Jonathan Hupp - Rutgers
Kellie Nonnenmacher - Spring Hill

Class of 2003

Parker Bostick- East Carolina
Stephanie Hathaway- East Carolina
Haley Newman- GA Southern

Class of 2004

Weathers Bolt- Emory
Rachel Holcomb- Miami (FL)
Courtney Rikard- Spring Hill
Brandon Roberts- Delta State

Class of 2005

Hamp Eichold - Alabama
Haleigh Kerns - Kentucky
Lauren Simons - LSU

Class of 2006

Dalton Hedberg - GA Tech
Laura Hofto - Rhodes
Anna Sirmon - Kentucky

Class of 2009

Victoria Lawrence - Yale

Class of 2010

Virginia Dailey - Campbell
Parker Glass - LSU
Nicholas Colletti - GA Tech
Spencer Kerns - Auburn
Chris Lee - US Naval Academy
TJ Leon - Auburn
Cody Meyers - Gardner Webb
Reed Miller - Wingate

Class of 2011

Katie Holbrook - Delta State
Kellen Bullock - Centenary College

Class of 2012

Drew Priede - Birmingham Southern
Lauren Kinsey - Birmingham Southern

Class of 2013

Cooper Brown - South Carolina
Marlin Brutkiewicz - US Naval Academy
Erica Dekle - Birmingham Southern
PJ Dunne - Texas
Will Glass - Texas
Logan Gurtowsky - Florida Atlantic
Carl Madden - Alabama

Class of 2014

Ashton Ellzey - Auburn 
Caroline Raley - Ohio University

Class of 2015

Russell Noletto - Auburn
Dalton Meyers - Gardner-Webb
Slater Whiston - Air Force

Class of 2016

Sarah Eiland - Rhodes
Anna Rose - Brenau 
Jacob Smilie - VMI
Josh Smilie - SCAD

Class of 2017

Margret Carey - Auburn
James Courtney - North Carolina
Harrison Costantini- Nova Southeastern
Patrick Dunne - Birmingham Southern
Paige Madden - Virginia
Christopher McClintock - Birmingham Southern
Maria Reed – Alabama
Gracie Whiston - Air Force