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Welcome to the Big Fish Remote Training Center
Communication - Knowledge - Nutrition - Athleticism

How we continue is important! In an effort to continue providing the highest quality programing for our athletes we've created this Remote Training Center.  We hope this platform will provide a central hub for our athletes to stay connected to their teammates and coaches. 

The posts on this page are designed for athletes to develop in a variety of ways, including: athleticism, nutrition, and mental performance among others.  Additionally, we will provide resources for our athletes to become better students of the sport.  In every sport, a more knowledgeable athlete is more likely to be well prepared. We encourage everyone to develop a healthy and consistent routine that you can commit to repeating on a weekly basis

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We can not wait to see all of our athletes again soon. Until then, we hope you benefit from and enjoy the following content.  Go BigFish! 


All groups will maintain the current practice of weekly Zoom meetings to check in with coaches, provide feedback on dryland, ask questions, and learn new skills.  Invites, which will include the meetings start times, will be emailed to member families and should not be shared with anyone other than your family.

Here's the tentative weekly meeting schedule and recaps for weekly meetings.  

Age Group 1 and Age Group 2: Saturday at 9:00 AM 5/2 ZOOM RECAP 
Age Group 3: Wednesday at 3:30 PM 4/22 ZOOM RECAP
Junior Group: Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 PM 
Senior 1: Wednesday at 4:30 PM
Senior: Thursday 

Happy Birthday to the following athletes: 

Andon Ellzey

Aiden Lilley

Stephen Conrad

Travis Lewis

Charleston Webb

Cole Coleman

Ava Matthews


Recommended podcasts, videos, and webinars:

USA Swimming Resources - Webinars and Podcasts (for all athletes and parents)

Fitter and Faster Tour Live Shows / Webinar Replays (for all athletes and parents)

James Leath Podcast - Unleash The AthleteThis is a great podcasts I listen to regularly. Each episode runs about 5 minutes so you can easily consume one per day or listen to several during an aerobic exercise. If you are sitting down while listening, take notes and relate it to your personal experiences... it really helps! Here are a few suggested episodes to get you started: 

  • Episode 8 - practice, at practice
  • Episode 7 - create your confidence
  • Episode 5 - overcoming the starter
  • Episode 4 - recovering from a mistake

​Jon Gordon is a popular speaker that works with several professional sports teams. He focuses on the positive roles of leadership.  His recent project, The Power of Positivity Summit, is available at no cost online.  A constant theme in Gordon's work applies to our situation caused by COVID19... That is, do we focus on Faith or Fear during challenging times? Both deal with feelings around something that hasn't happened yet. Faith believes in a positive future, while fear believes in a negative future. Why would we allow ourselves to believe in the worst.  

Recommended articles and books: 

Use Race Visualization to Swim Like a Boss 

6 Ways to Train Your Brain Like an Elite Athlete

How to Build a Pre-Race Routine to Dominate Your PB’s 

7 Tips for Overcoming Tough Times 

"Let's Do One More" 

Why All Swimmers Should Use Resistance Bands 

Golden Girl by Natalie
Coughlin with Michael Silver
The Champion’s Mind 
by Dr. Jim Afremow, Ph.D
No Limits by Michael Phelps
with Alan Abrahamson​
Gold in the Water
by P.H. Mullen
by Malcolm Gladwell
The Obstacle is the Way 
by Ryan Holiday 
by Charles Duhigg
by Angela Duckworth
Road to Character 
by David Brooks
Mindset by Carol Dweck


Nutrition and Recovery

Immune System Function Fact Sheet 

Healthy Foods That Support Your Immune System 

6 Steps to Being Well Hydrated

Cooking with Team USA (Posted: 4/16)

Hydrate the Healthy Way (Posted: 4/16)


One benefit of our current training posture is that our athletes have the opportunity to improve their endurance and strength.  Parents, take a picture and share (post to Instagram, Facebook, or e-mail Coach Megan.
For Age Group 1 and Age Group 2:

Workout #1 - Monday

Warm Up: 10 of each: Jumping Jacks, Forward Arm Circle, Reverse Arm Circles, Standing Position Toe Touches, Wall Push Ups, Imaginary Jump Rope, Squats, 1-leg balance drill (jump to the other leg to switch) 

Main Set: Time yourself on 5 rounds of - :20 Plank, 3x Inch Worms, 10x Lunges (5x each leg), 3x Push Ups, 10x Sit Ups, 3x Star Jumps, :20 Flutter Kicks on your back 

Workout #2 - Tuesday
Warm Up: 10 of each: Jumping Jacks, Forward Arm Circles
(Small, Fast), Reverse Arm Circles (Small, Fast), Standing Position Toe Touches, Wall Push Ups, Imaginary Jump Rope, Squats, 1-leg :03 balance drill (jump to the other leg to switch) 

 Main Set: Aim for 40 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest for a 30-minute workout -  Mountain Climbers, Bear Crawls, Star Jumps, Push Ups, Sit Ups, Burpees, Squats, Leg Raises, Lunges, Planks, Jumping Jacks, Butterfly Kicks 

Workout #3 - Thursday
Warm Up: 10 of each: Jumping Jacks, Forward Arm Circle, Reverse Arm Circles, Standing Position Toe Touches, Wall Push Ups, Imaginary Jump Rope, Squats, 1-leg balance drill (jump to the other leg to switch) 

Main Set: 4 rounds of each exercise: Kneeling Push Ups, Mountain Climbers, Squat Jumps
(Round 1 = 20 reps of each, Round 2 = 15 reps of each, Round 3 = 10 reps of each, Round 4 = 5 reps of each)

*2:00 rest between rounds*

Creative Game Workouts 
(From Coach Jessica Laird - SwimRVA)


Superhero Themed Workouts

For Age Group 3, Junior, and Senior 1:

Stretch after every workout. TRY TO GET 3-4 shoulder prehab routines in per week

Nike Training Club Mobility workout recommendations:
“Extend Your Range”; “Wake Up Call”; “Motion to Burn”; “Wake Up Warrior”

*Options for aerobic based activity:

Numbers in brackets, e.g. [2:1], are work:rest ratios, with intervals based on time active. 

Running - make sure you have good running shoes, and regardless of ability be prepared to ease into it. 
Don’t run everyday!!! Build off regular short runs through the week instead of one BIG run. 
Stairs or hills are good for sprint and VO2 Max days.

Rowing - if you access to a Concept 2 rower or something similar, this is ideal. 
Total body work and you can basically design sets like we would do for swimming

Assault or Airdyne Bike - also very good and can follow same protocol as rower

Biking - I love it, but you will have to work really hard and YOU NEED TO BE SAFE (HELMET).

Jump Rope - always a simple and easy option

HAVE FUN - combine some the things above and get creative

Week 1 - May 3 - May 9





Pick a Nike Training Club Mobility Workout

Dynamic Warm-Up +

Threshold: 30 min with HR above 150/160



Dynamic Warm-Up +
"Pace Breaker"

Purely Aerobic: 30 min of active recovery [2:1]


Pick a Nike Training Club Mobility Workout

Dynamic Warm-Up +
"Dynamic Restorative Yoga"




Dynamic Warm-Up +
Pick a core workout

Threshold: 30 min with HR above 150/160


Pick a Nike Training Club Mobility Workout

Dynamic Warm-Up +
“Burpess, Bounds, & Bridges”

Purely Aerobic:20 min of active recovery [2:1]



Dynamic Warm-Up +
Pick a core workout

Anerobic: 30 min of short sprints [1:4]