Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have unanswered questions please contact the Director for the location at which you wish to register. To find that information, visit the Contacts page. 

How do I know what level to register my child for? - To figure out which level would best suit your child's current skill level in the water start by reading the Class Level Descriptions. Please be honest in your assessment, as we want each swimmer to feel confident in the class in which they swim.

My child is under 3 years old, what are my Options? - The Excel Starfish Swimmers Survival Swim program will be the best option for any child who is 3 or under.  This program is a series of private lessons over the course of 5-7 weeks, that will teach your child how to float and survive in the event of an aquatic emergency.  Children who are ready will learn basic swim-float-swim skills that will prepare them to move to Excel's group lessons.  In some cases, children who have completed the Starfish Swimmers Survival Swim lessons will be ready to move into the Beginner 2 level.

I have more questions about Excel Starfish Swimmers Survival Swim? - Answers to most questions can be found in the Starfish Swimmers Frequently Asked Questions document.  If you still are unclear on some items, feel free to contact Erin Loewe at

How do I register my child for lessons? - Register your child using the Program Registration system on this web site. Once there, Select the location you desire from the drop down menu.  Next click on the button for the level you want to see details. Click on the Register button or the Wait List button to begin the registration.

You will be required to set up an account and enter your credit card information. If you must wait list for a class, you will have to enter credit card information, but the fees will not be charged until your child is entered in the class. 

We recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox as your browser to complete your registration. You will receive an email receipt when registration is successfully completed. If you do not, then the registration was not successful. Please make note of the dates of the class as no other confirmation will be sent.

Can I get a refund if my child does not attend? - We ask that families familiarize themselves with the Swim School Policies regarding attendance, refunds, make-ups, etc. In short, you will receive a full refund if you cancel the registration prior to the start of the session. Per class refunds will only be issued if the class is canceled due to pool closure/weather or other unforeseen issues that force cancelation. For refund requests due to extenuating circumstances, you wil need to contact the Director of the location at which you are registered to swim.

My child missed a class.  Can we schedule a makeup? - The scheduling of make up classes is at the discretion of the Director at each location, as it is dependent on several factors.  You should contact the Director for the location you are swimming at (available on the Who to Contact page), via email, to see if a make up class is possible.

Which locations offer swim lessons? - All the locations at which we offer lessons are listed on the Locations page of the web site.

Does my child need to wear goggles? - The answer to that questions depends on what level they are swimming at.  

For all Starfish Swimmers and Beginner 1 swimmers, we ask that they learn to swim without goggles. The reasoning is that should they ever find themselves in the water unexpectedly, they will likely not be wearing goggles. We would like them to work through that fear in a controlled environment under our supervision.

For Beginner 2 level swimmers and higher, we prefer that they wear goggles. Swimming without goggles can be very distracting when trying to master new skills such as side breathing and proper backstroke. We recommend the Speedo Vanquisher (Jr. or regular) or the TYR Swimple as a well fitting goggle for children's faces. Masks that cover the nose will not be allowed, as learning proper breath control is an integral part of learning to swim.

Does my child need to wear a swim cap? - Swim caps are not required. However, in an effort to minimize all distractions from the task of learning to swim we ask that any child with long hair have it contained in some way. If putting their hair in a pony tail or braid keeps it out of their eyes then that is sufficient. It is possible that a cap might be the easiest way to contain long hair.

Does my child need a competition type swim suit? - No.  Your child can wear any suit or swim trunks that they would normally wear to the pool.  However, please make sure that it is well fitting and will not be a distraction while learning to swim.  

How will I be notified of class cancelations? - Due to weather, we are sometimes forced to cancel classes at our outdoor locations, and there are times when cancelations happen at our indoor locations for other reasons. In most instances these cancelations must be done with very little notice. As soon as the decision is made to cancel a class we will notify everyone via email using the Team Unify (our web host) system you used to register your child for the class. It is the fastest way for us to notify everyone.