Private Lessons

Starfish Swimmers Survival Swim

Survival swim lessons, for children 6 months to 3 years, are held 4 days/week, Monday-Thursday (Friday is used as a makeup day for unexpected pool closures). Each lesson lasts approximately 10 minutes and is customized to meet the physical, emotional and developmental readiness of each child. Each lesson’s duration is determined by the instructor, taking into account factors like age, ability, fatigue and physiological health.

Please note: All lessons have a performance-based exit and not a time-based exit. Each child is unique, no two lessons are exactly alike. A periodic maintenance schedule is recommended to preserve and strengthen swimming skills as your child grows.

Registration and payment for Starfish Swimmers Survival Swim is handled online.  You can visit the Program Registration area on this site and look for Starfish Swimmers under Private Lessons.  You must register for and begin an initial 4 week session before registering for the 2 week add-on session.  For children to full master the skills it typically takes 5-7 weeks at 4 days a week of lessons.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons are offered at all of our year-round locations and on a very limited basis at our summer-only locations.  These lessons cannot be scheduled or paid for using the online registration system.  You will have to contact the Director at the location you want to swim.  You can find email addresses for each Director on the Who to Contact page.

The rates for private and semi-private lessons are as follows:

  • Private lesson - $35/half hour
  • Semi-Private lesson - $50/half hour ($25/child)

The ability to schedule these lessons will vary by location.  Generally, private lessons are scheduled at times that do not conflict with our group lesson schedule, as available lane space and instructors preclude us from scheduling at the same time.  

You may pay for private or semi-private instruction with check or cash.  All checks should be made out to Excel Aquatics and not the individual instructor.