We use motion analysis software to capture underwater footage and to perform powerful video analysis of your swimmer's stroke technique. The software allows us to show your swimmer frame-by-frame what he/she does at each part of the stroke cycle. This program also allows us to view two videos simultaneously for side-by-side comparison of your swimmer and Olympic swimmers.



We use 32” monitors and DVR technology on the pool deck to enhance swim sessions with non-stop video recording and viewing functions such as Instant Replay, Slow Motion, and Frame-by-Frame Advancement. Swimmers simply learn more efficiently when they can see themselves swim and, with the technology we use, the timing between the performance of the skill in the water and the provision of visual feedback is perfect and instant.

During several pool sessions, we set up cameras above or underwater and start non-stop recording with a viewing delay of less than a minute.  That way, while the first swimmer climbs out of the pool to watch the swim skill he/she just performed, the second swimmer in line swims and gets recorded.  Then that swimmer climbs out to watch his/her swim, while the third swimmer swims and gets recorded, and so on.



From Europe, we have imported the finest waterproof miniature camera equipment available. The same technology is used by the Spanish National Swim Team and Dutch National Swim Team.



We use High-Definition Home Entertainment Technology for bold, vivid big-screen presentations and to experience every nuance of swim videos.  Our projector features a superb contrast ratio of up to 50,000:1, for sharp, distinctive details, 2000 lumens of color and white light output, and a state-of-the-art lens to generate a full spectrum of spectacular, true-to-life colors.