"Marieke, I just had to tell you, For the last few weeks, when she feels her shoulders starting to play up again, Liberty has had to wear fins during hard sets. I really didn't know what to do, especially as she is a distance swimmer.  I booked her at the last minute on your camp last week. The last 2 days, no fins have been on! she says you and Flip changed her stroke and she found a way to get through the water without her shoulders aching--unbelievable! Thank you so much! She loved the social side of The Camp and is so happy she did it. For us it was money well spent. Thank you, we really appreciate you! See you soon hopefully!" Andrea Chanin (STREAMLINE 2013)

"Marieke, Clayton has always thought so highly of you since his first streamline experience and realizes how beneficial the camp is in his success. I too, love that he would rather swim at your camp than A&M! Thank you again for providing Clayton with such a neat opportunity. He is so excited!" Suzanne Wong (STREAMLINE 2012) 

"Streamline is awesome! Elise is going from a BB swimmer to making A times and her camps at Streamline have helped "streamline" her techniques so much! Thank you!" Erika Guerra (STREAMLINE 2012)

"I never really got the opportunity to thank you for hosting the Camp. Matthew and Joel had a blast and really learned alot. Joel actually managed to get his first two BB times at the Mansfield meet on the Friday and Saturday after the Camp (and a couple of days before he turned 9) which was fantastic. Thanks again and hope to see you at a pool sometime!" Rob Morley (STREAMLINE 2012)

"Marieke, Thank you very much for helping Simi and Kiran with their strokes. They both are showing good improvement and are able to retain and use their training. Simi admitted that of all the training she has received, this was very clear and beneficial. They want to come back for more if you have space for them in any of the upcoming camps. Please let me know so I can go ahead and enroll them. Thanks again to you and your coaches!" Shilpa Puranik-Paul (STREAMLINE 2012)

"Nathan said he learned more in 5 days at STREAMLINE than in his whole swimming career." Beth Sokul (STREAMLINE 2012)

"Just wanted to share Chad's wonderful results from his State competition in Corpus Christi the weekend following the STREAMLINE Camp. He won 2 gold medals and 3 silver. He will also be going to Nationals next summer. He is very excited and wants to begin preparing now. Thanks so much!" Selena Brandon (STREAMLINE 2012)

"Marieke, I want to extend my thanks for your time and dedication to swimming and to the kids that your program continues to help. Landen had a great time last week and I truly believe he will continue to grow as a swimmer due to the great instruction of your team at STEAMLINE Camp. Ryan did a wonderful job as well speaking to the kids and his words could not have been more spot on with the direction I think we all would like to see our kids grow. Please continue with your wonderful approach the kids and how your influence them daily. Your dedication is above and beyond and is truly appreciated by many!" Lanny Wright (STREAMLINE 2012)

"I just want to say thanks. I think if Cody applies everything that was instructed to him that he will blossom into a very competitive swimmer. I just wish he could be under the likes of you for his training as he continues this course in his life. I hope that we can attend again. If you have one of the courses open up that you work with advance swimmers or one in the fall I ask to please contact us as candidates to attend. Bob Knapp (STREAMLINE 2012)

"...Colton was excited to begin camp and in a reflection of the caliber of instruction and the instructors; Colton thoroughly enjoyed the entire week and would have jumped at an opportunity to go for another week if it had been available. We were able to attend several camp days and see firsthand the quality of the instruction and how the instructors took the time to coach and encourage each swimmer individually. At the end of the week Colton had made significant and obvious improvement in his technique, form and execution in his swimming starts, strokes, breathing and coordination. We are happy to recommend Streamline to anyone interested in quantitatively improving their competitive swimming abilities." Chuck and Betty Campbell (STREAMLINE 2012)

"I enrolled my son Eric for the second time in STREAMLINE this spring break. STREAMLINE is a well planned program with definitely a wonderful experienced team of coaches. With one-on-one stroke diagnoses, Eric found what he did wrong and learned how to correct his stroke. The underwater videos were extremely helpful for Eric to visualize his stroke flaws. With point-to-point correction from the coaches, Eric's performance immediately improved. He now has his first two A times and we expect more A times to follow! I was pleasantly surprised that Streamline is improving too. The Camp focuses on different topics and uses new technologies every year. I will definitely send Eric to STREAMLINE again in the future." Ben He (STREAMLINE 2012)

"Marieke, my son attended the December camp in Grapevine.  He really wanted to improve his technique and I was just hoping I wasn't wasting my money and that he might open up, listen and learn so that he could improve his times. I am so proud to say that he thought it was the best thing that has ever happened to his swimming. I have NEVER seen him so excited, he could hardly contain himself waiting for each day's session. Every night he would tell me what he had learned that day. You guys rock! The first meet after The Camp was an invitational. He swam his fastest backstroke leg ever in the IM relay, won the butterfly while dropping over 2 seconds from his best time, and made up a large deficit to help his 400 relay team to victory! Thanks for all you have done!" Rick Powell (STREAMLINE 20011)

"Hello Marieke, I am Julian Baeza, I attended your biomechanics swim camp during thanksgiving . I am writing this email to thank you. You helped me very much with my technique, especially in breaststroke. In fact, you helped me so much that I was able to make the cut for TAGS in the 100 breaststroke." Julian Baeza (STREAMLINE 2011)

“Last night we were all saying how we should email you, and give credit where credit is due. That's the second time that Bridget has worked on a stroke at Streamline (fly this summer, and breaststroke over Thanksgiving), and then went right out and dramatically dropped time in that stroke. Thanks so much, Marieke... We keep telling everyone how good the STREAMLINE Camp is... Keep up the good work! Hopefully, you are having camps this summer because Bridget is really lookign forward to doing another one. Thanks again." Trent Tooley (STREAMLINE 2011)

"...Connor and Riley still talk about the analogy Anton gave with the straw wrapper last summer. ...We love LAC and have been with them for many years, but my kids both saw dramatic improvement and confidence after their STREAMLINE camp and I'd like to get that training in as early as possible this year!" Meg Young (STREAMLINE 2011)

"The knowledge and enthusiasm of the coaches was amazing. Both my children, Jack and Georgia Brown, not only enjoyed the course, but also learned new techniques which made them faster and stronger swimmers." Jeanette McKane Brown (STREAMLINE 2010)

"Camp STREAMLINE was a great experience and it really helped me with my freestyle catch!" Brett Ringgold (STREAMLINE 2010)

"STREAMLINE fixed my breaststroke so that I came from being a BB swimmer to finaling at TAGS. The instruction with Coach Koekkoek was amazing! Thanks STREAMLINE!" Taylor Willenbring (STREAMLINE 2010)

“Alicia recently won 3 gold medals and 3 silver medals in the 2011 State Games of America held in San Diego, CA, representing Texas.  Without STREAMLINE, this could not have happened!  Thanks so much to the wonderful staff and coaches!  It's an experience that you won't regret!” Rui Bi (STREAMLINE 2011)

“The technique training in the Streamline camp was invaluable. Each swimmer received one on one time with a coach to work on their technique along with personal feedback and DVD. The schedule is a nice balance of classroom, group time, and individual coaching for each child. All of the coaches are extremely dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for the swimmers. My daughter will definitely attend the camp again!” Laura Watkins (STREAMLINE 2011) 

“Marieke, Camp Streamline is one of the best decisions we made this year. Landen benefited greatly and it showed in his times this summer in his meets. We will be return campers next year and we almost went twice this year after seeing the results at the meet.  Thanks for taking the time to put the camp together and the great job you and your team did with each swimmer during their time there.” Lanny Wright (STREAMLINE 2011) 

“Marieke, thank you for such a wonderful swim camp last week.  Niki was exhausted every day but really had a wonderful time and talks about all of the things she learned.” Mrs. Giacomello (STREAMLINE 2011)

“I just wanted to thank you for the Streamline camp.  All three boys really came away excited about what they learned.  My twins, believe they can drop time just from learning how to flip and streamline correctly.  Graham also is excited to put into practice all that he has learned.  He is so excited that he can streamline so far and so fast.  Please pass a special thanks to Coach Anton.  He was a wonderful addition to the camp.  Please assume that we will be in future camps.” Kim Faloona  (STREAMLINE 2011)

“Hi Marieke, Just wanted to let you know that the camp helped Alex! She got her 100 Free Jr. National time tonight leading off the 4 x 100 Free Relay. She went 58.30.  Thanks to everyone!  Another camp success story!!!” Jerri Sellers (STREAMLINE 2011)

“Thank you for an amazing swim camp!  After being on a team for two years, Laura was discouraged about the slow time improvements in her events.  The STREAMLINE camp gave her lots to think about and ways to improve.  At her following meet, she took off up to 9 seconds on her events!  She thought about what she learned at the camp, focused on each event and swam with huge success!  This camp gave her new motivation to work hard and swim fast!”  Kelley Banaszewski (STREAMLINE 2011)

“At first I was wondering if Sophia would benefit from the camp because of her age.  She came home with a lot of information and understood the correct technique by watching the videos and having one-on-one sessions.  She also understood the terms used at camp and could work with them during practice.  She thought it was a blast and looked forward to camp everyday!” Chelo Buhr (STREAMLINE 2011)

“I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your including Audrey in Session 5 of the Streamline camp. Audry loved every minute of it! She really felt it was beneficial and she enjoyed learning more about the sport and her technique. She swam in the Keller A meet this weekend and dropped in everything she swam and she picked up 2 more AA times! Her 50 and 100 FR times were fast enough to secure her spot on 2 TAGS relays. It is clear The Camp really helped her!”  Cindy McMurrey (STREAMLINE 2011)

“I want to extent a huge THANKS to you and your team.  Immediately after your program, I noticed Elise was much more aware of her technique. Before your camp she was less fluid in the water, but now she seems so much smoother especially on her free style.  We are just thrilled with her improvement and would love to continue to participate in future Streamline camps.  Thank you again for helping Elise improve at a sport she loves!”  Lori Cerami (STREAMLINE 2011)

“We wanted you to know that Bailey recently entered 9th grade and tried out for the Plano Senior High swim team…she made the Varsity team!  There were 36 freshman girls trying out and she was one of three they chose.  Thanks for this summer and your advice during the National swim meet too--she ended up placing 8th overall in her 100 breast stroke.  Thanks for inspiring my kids during the summer camp, they really enjoyed it!”  Angie Wolters (STREAMLINE 2011)