FAQ: Billing

I just recieved my credit card statement, what is the charge for Stingrays dues doing there? My swimmer didn’t swim in October?

Remember that we bill one month retroactive - For example, Swimmer X swims for the month of September. His parents’ credit card will show a charge on the 5th of October for the month of September. If you have any questions on the CAC monthly group charges, club charges, or the CAC Stingray Boosters Club charges, please contact the team Treasurer or Coach Rich.

Do I get a discount for multiple kids from the same family?

Yes. First kid = full price. Second kid = 15% off. Any additional child = 20% off. This is for monthly dues ONLY.

I’m an employee of the club, do I get a discount?

Yes. 20% off monthly dues.

There’s an error in my account - what do I do?

Email Coach Rich and he will get it straightened out right away!

How does the Team Unify website work for billing?

After CAC Booster Club Invoices are created, credit cards are then billed on the 1st for any invoices in that month. If you are paying by check - please pay by the end of the month to avoid late fees.  You can send checks to the team's PO Box, give the check to the Team Treasurer, or Coach Rich.

How am I billed for meets?

The CAC Booster Club charges for meets, through the website.  All races that are requested by the swimmer on the website and accepted by the coach are entered into the meet. Meets are charged to the credit card on the swimmer's record at the same time that the team cuts their final check to the meet host team. At this time, any swimmers that pay via check will have that charge added to their CAC Booster Club invoice, payable at the next due date.