FAQ: Practices

I’m not a member of the club, but can I workout while my swimmer practices?

Parents who are non-members are not allowed to use the facilities while waiting for your swimmer. These parents should wait in the upstairs lobby/cafe or downstairs lobby area during practice.  There is also room at tables under the trees on the outside pool deck.  Non-members cannot use any of the equipment or facilities available to members.

My child is getting a lot of attention from the coaches. Is it always negative?

Usually when coaches talk to swimmers, they are trying to help them to get a small part of a technique down. This can range from something that is an illegal stroke technique to something more sophisticated like a sculling motion or hand position. This can sometimes be interpreted negatively, and be frustrating for athletes - so please make sure your swimmer knows we’re just trying to make them faster.

My child isn't getting talked to a lot about their freestyle. I can see he has problems, why aren't the coaches fixing it?

There's usually one of three reasons why a coach might not be immediately addressing a stroke concern or issue. 

1) The group is in the middle of a training set where the focus is either making an interval or maintain a specific level of effort.

2) The coach has spoken with the group about a skill and is watching everyone for an overall level of technique. 

3) The coach has addressed this already with the swimmer and has not seen it take effect immediately,  but the swimmer is working on it  (even if it doesn't look like it!). If you feel that this isn't the case or if your swimmer might need some one-on-one work, feel free to ask Coach after practice. 

My child has to leave early from workout - how do I make sure they’re out on time?

Inform coach ahead-of-time that your swimmer needs to be released early and at what time.  The Coach will determine a good time for your swimmer to break from practice, to meet your timeframe and to minimize distraction.

What does "on-time" mean?

That your swimmer arrives at practice prior to the team getting in the water.

My swimmer left their fins/swimsuit/goggles at the pool. Where can I find them?

If the swimmer left anything on the pool deck - all efforts will be made to bring the gear into the indoor swim office or the bins on the pool deck.

If the swimmer left anything in the locker rooms, it will either be in the club lost and found (check with the front desk) or in the laundry room lost and found.

Why is my swimmer sitting on the side of the pool and why aren't they just doing laps to get in better condition?

The Coach is often working with kids on their stroke technique. If swimmers are sitting on the wall, Coach may be working on moving to the next skill or explaining that skill to the kids at the level we'd like to see. There are also sets that require more rest at the wall. If you continue to have concerns please contact Coach Rich. 

How can my child get FASTER??

There are four things that swimmers can do to get faster: 

  • 1) Attend practice  
  • 2) Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
  •  3) Work harder
  •  4) Be patient. 

I'm pretty sure Jane/Johnny should move up a group. He's always leading the lane. Why hasn't that happened yet?

Group moves are generally targeted for two key times during the year. This helps the coaching staff maintain continuity of training for the swimmer and the various training groups. The two key times for swimmers to move groups are generally at the beginning of the short course season and in March, going into the LCM season. There are exceptions and Coach may move swimmers other times of the year, or based age, ability, social considerations, or other factors.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Coach Rich.