FAQ: College

How do I swim in college?
Set up a meeting with Coach Kline and he’ll guide you through the process of finding a place to swim that will be just right for you. With 300+ schools boasting swim programs, there’s bound to be a place for you.
Also check out our web links on popular college sites.

How do I know if I can swim in college?

Generally, if you want to swim in college - there is a place to swim in college, it's just a matter of looking for it and finding the correct level.

Where can I swim in college?

To swim at a top 10 Division 1 school - generally swimmers must have National times to walk-on to the team. For most mid-major schools at Division 1 - scholarship athletes will have Junior National times - walk-on athletes will have Sectional time standards of some kind. For Division 2 - scholarship athletes are at or near Sectional time standards - and walk on athletes are usually around AA times at the top 10 schools. For Division 3 - there are no scholarships, and if you want to swim - usually you can. Some teams will have tryouts, but most will take swimmers with a few years of competitive experience. To travel - top 10 teams usually require Sectionals, other teams might be more near AA times.  

How do I connect with college teams?

If you want a scholarship or if you want to swim Division 1- generally starting the process in June/July before your senior year is recommended. For lower level Division 1 schools and Division 2 schools - if you're planning on applying there - let them know in September and again once you've sent in your application. Send the head coach and assistant coaches an email or letter with your top times, GPA and test scores (SAT/ACT).  Explain why you're interested in their school, what you have to offer the team (what can you swim, do you lead cheers, etc) and what you would like to know about their program (practice schedule/expectation). If you want to go to a school where you would walk-on, once you have been admitted to the school - let the coach know, and they'll help you from there!

What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?

In order to participate in collegiate athletics, whether or not you are recruited or on scholarship, you must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse to be recruited as well as participate in collegiate athletics. Information on the Clearinghouse is located HERE.