FAQ: Meets

What does my swimmer need to bring to meets?

At meets, swimmers should make every effort to wear CAC shirts, suits, and caps.   Meets are the opportunity for swimmers to sport their team gear and show that CAC spirit!  High school, summer league, or past swim team shirts and gear should be avoided.  Coach Rich will have extra team caps at meets if you do not have one.  There are also team shirts available at the CAC facility – just ask.  There is flexibility to wear other USA ‘approved’ swim suits at meets prior to receiving your official team suit.  We do request that meet suits are generic in appearance or have the CAC logo.  Team colors are purple and black. Team suits and gear are available from Swim Outlet at the following link: https://www.swimoutlet.com/cacstingrays/

My swimmer really likes his meet suit, and I really don’t want to spend the money on another swimsuit, can he wear it to practice too?

Current meet suits should not be worn to practice. If you have an old meet suit that you are no longer competing in, that makes for a perfect practice suit.  Team suits should remain in competition condition and not worn out. Meet suits are generally a bit tighter and allow for fast swims during the year.  Practice suits can be inexpensive, as swimmers often wear a couple out per year.  Look for grab-bag suit sales online, half off sales with vendors at swim meets, or clearance racks at local swim outlets.  If you have other questions about suits, please contact Coach Rich. 

I don’t want to drive to Loveland early on a Saturday morning. Can we go to a meet at DU instead?

Swimmers may only participate in the meets attended by CAC Coaches. USA Swimming requires that each participant at a meet has an assigned coach. CAC coaches will be in attendance at every meet, outlined by the Club. There are a lot of factors involved in choosing the team meet.  Each meet is chosen to best promote the success of all team swimmers. 

We woke up early on swim meet day to drive to the meet and my swimmer is really sick and is not able swim. How do I let the coaches know he/she won't be at the meet?

The best way to let the coaches know is to email Coach Rich.

Coach Rich will be checking his email at the meet, especially if kids aren't at warmup on time.  His contact email is: rkline3950@aol.com If you know the night before please email right away, the earlier the better.

My swimmer is signed up for an event that we didn't sign up for online - why is that?

Sometimes the coaches want swimmers to try new events that they think they might be successful in and they'll change entries to accommodate that for their group. If you have a specific concern - please check with Coach. You can also check on the website by clicking EVENTS then ATTEND THIS EVENT then click your swimmer's name. They will then see the events that they are signed up to swim.

We signed up for the 1000 but my swimmer didn't get to swim? Why is that and do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, distance events (400 & above) can be cut down to the top heats by the meet host to stay under the required time allotted for the meet. Sometimes, they'll make swimmers swim two in a lane (usually only LCM meets) to make sure everyone gets a swim, but only if they have the timing capacity. And you don't get a refund - because you paid for the chance to swim the race - like the lottery, you don't win every time. If coaches know that this situation might occur, we will try to guess a time to try to get your swimmer in, but that doesn't always work either!

What should I expect at a meet?

I could go into a long description - but here's a few links that do a better job (Click on the link for more information). You can also talk to one of the more experienced parents on deck - they'll be happy to help and you'll make a new friend! Coaches will be focused on your swimmer and everyone else's swimmers, so if you have a question - try to wait until the end of warmup to talk to them, when things have settled down - or arrive early!!

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How do coaches select relays?

At championship meets (State/Sectionals/Nationals), the coaches will pick relays that will produce the fastest results. At in-season meets relays will be based on who attends the meet and what the coaches would like to see them race. Sometimes coaches will make all the relays equivalent so they have to race each other.  It depends on the meet and what the coaches are trying to accomplish.

There were relays listed on the meet information, why aren't there relays at the meet?

During in-season meets, time is a huge factor in determining if there are going to be relays. CSI and USA Swimming have a rule that requires that all 12 & Under competition is completed within 4 hours. While this is great for parents on a tight schedule - usually that means that relays get scrapped early on to make sure all the kids get to swim in the meet in their events. For senior swimmers - it's usually dependent on the timing of the little kids session and how long the senior session is going to be...generally anything over 5 hours isn't going to have relays.  Coaches may also choose not to enter relays if the focus of a meet is on fast times in individual events.

What if my swimmer doesn't go a best time?

Swimmers will not always swim a best time every time they get in the water. Maybe their goggles filled up, maybe they slipped on a turn, maybe its just not their day, maybe we've been training hard. The focus of the season is to optimize performance before championships so we're not concerned if kids don't swim lights out every time. It is also important for swimmers to try new events and perhaps discover new talents and have new best times. As a parent, it's important to ALWAYS be supportive and NEVER be critical of a performance. Usually your swimmer has a good idea of how they did, and they've discussed it with the coaches already - just say "good job" and "I'm proud of you and your effort" and move on to the next race, next meet or next activity.