Practice Schedule (generally)

Practice Schedule (Generally)

Our most current practice schedules, Meets, Events & any changes are updated via social media Google Profile or CalendarFaceBookInstagramTwitterYelpLinkedIn.  

Session AMonday-Friday: 4-4:30PM dryland/stretch; 4:30-6PM swim; (6-6:30PM backup dryland/stretch);  Saturday: 9:30-10AM dryland/stretch; 10-12PM swim

Preference guide for Session A: has competed in a USA Swimming meet; can easily do all 4 strokes; can do proper stroke & flip turns; prior state qualifier; could easily swim a "500" free or "200 IM"; is familiar with different stroke 'drills'; can do racing and relay starts of the blocks; can swim 15 meters underwater in a streamline position just kicking.  

Session BMonday-Friday: 6-6:30PM dryland/stretch; 6:30-8PM swim;  Saturday: 9:30-10AM dryland/stretch; 10-12PM swim

Preference guide for Session B: less than 2 years of total swimming experience; no prior USA Swimming experience; unsure what a "pull buoy" is; cannot due a freestyle flip turn; cannot due all 4 strokes; cannot stay in the water more than 45 minutes; cannot swim more than 50 meters without stopping

*Please check our online calendars and social media for more up to date information & changes.