Parent Board of Directors

Parent Board of Directors

These parents, as a group, assist the coach by carefully considering a variety of issues - big & small - and helping guide / direct the swim team from a parent & swimmer perspective.  These include issues like what swim meets to attend, special team social events, fundraising, new equipment, choosing uniforms & equipment (suits & caps), making capital improvements (diving blocks, pool lights,...), to planning social events, and fielding questions from other parents.  They are also aware of team events, processes, costs & fees, and generally available to help answer commonly asked questions by other parents and swimmers (i.e. equipment, swim meets, practice schedules, etc.)  The Board is comprised of parents of current swimmers that can effectively represent the collective interests of the entire team (all swimmers and all parents) and communicate / collaborate with the coach and club management on making decisions and volunteering their time.

  • Open - President
  • Suzzette Maisano - Vice President / Vice Treasurer / Bookkeeper (QBO) email
  • Courtney Townley - Treasurer / Bookkeeper (QBO) email
  • Carol Bjornstead - Secretary & Registered Agent email 
  • Kelly Case-Bonnaci - Vice Secretary email 
  • Andrea Moon - Social Chair email
  • Steph Kopet - Apparel Chair email
  • Sheila Wertz - Social Assistant & Apparel Assistant email
  • Cara OBrien - Communications / Parent Liaison email
  • Karen Niles - Vice Commuinications / Parent Liaison email
  • Megan Mahlman - At Large (Votes & Helps Where Needed) email
  • Cherise Glauser - At Large (Votes & Helps Where Needed) email
  • Kevin Camper - At Large (Votes & Helps Where Needed) email
  • Yosuf Monis - At Large (Votes & Helps Where Needed) email
  • John Cammferman - At Large (Votes & Helps Where Needed) email
  • Jonathan Sanchez - At Large (Votes & Helps Where Needed) email
  • Shanna Trottier - At Large (Votes & Helps Where Needed) email
  • Chris & Alice Radic - At Large (Votes & Helps Where Needed) email
  • Open - Web / Tech Chair
  • Open - Colorado / USA Swimming Chair (registrations / fees / standing)
  • Open - Safe Sport Chair

Advisory / If Needed:

The club is financed by the annual registration fee ($226.50 per swimmer) and pays for things like shirts, caps, pool rental, special events. Swim-a-thon's and other fundraisers may be used to raise additional capital for things like diving blocks, pool lights, pool covers, travel meets, team parties, etc.

Click here for Articles of Incorporation & Board Meeting Minutes.