Purple Group

Open to swimmers Ages 13-14 who are working to become more dedicated and prepared athletes in the sport of swimming. Athletes in this group are gaining skills in all aspects of swimming and experiencing higher level training techniques and longer training sessions.  
Required Equipment:
All swimmers are required to have a team suit, water bottle, mesh bag, team cap & goggles, Fins, Paddles, Buoy, Snorkel
 Preliminary Requirements:
Swimmers must be able to swim: 400 Freestyle, 200 IM, 200 Kick
Swimmers must be legal in all four strokes
Must be able to read the clock, determine intervals and understand basic swim terminology and technique
Attend 5 out of 6 offered workouts per week  
Participate in the majority of  team meets
Attend highest level of meet qualified for (silver state, senior state, Zones, etc.)
Some athletes in this group are engaged in other sports and activities and attendance
during those seasons will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis. 
$90 per month