Group Descriptions


Reef Sharks Developmental Group

This is our first group. Swimmers will learn the very basic swim team skills, including streamlines, stroke basics, turns, Individual Medley's and clock reading.

Leopard Sharks

This group is designed to be a transitional group. Swimmers are introduced to clock management, lane management and stroke drills.  Entry level swim meets are encouraged for this level.

Tiger Sharks

The emphasis for athletes  is fundamental competitive swimming skills and stroke development while learning basic workout habits and swim meet readiness. Three practices a week is encouraged to see improvement in stroke technique, race development and a feel for the water. 

Mako Sharks

This is our intermediate swim group. This group places a strong emphasis on training and developing focused, efficient race habits. This group also builds advanced stroke techniques and mechanics and focuses on aerobic and interval training.  Meet participation is highly encouraged.  Athletes are encouraged to attend at least four practices per week to see improvement in stroke technique and race development.

Great White Sharks

This is our highest level swim group.  This group is designed for athletes who aspire to compete at the state and regional levels with the goal of taking their swimming to the highest level possible.  The emphasis for this group is developing good work ethic, continued stroke and technique development, goal setting for meets and a love for racing. Athletes are strongly encouraged to attend swim meets.  Members in this group are encouraged to attend five practices per week to maximize the benefits of training.

High School Group

For swimmers who want to still participate in swim meets or practices during their high school season. 

Girls Season – 3 months (December - February)
Boys Season – 3 months (March – May)