Membership and Dues

CSA Membership & Financial Information

New Swimmer Registration Fee ~ $65 (this includes a team swim cap and t-shirt). 

New Swimmer Registration Fee ~ $32.50 (April 1st - July 31st - This includes a team swim cap and t-shirt) 

Monthly Fees:

Reef Sharks (up to 1 hours of practice per week):                           $ 45.00

Leopard Sharks (up to 2 hours of practice per week):                  $   70.00

Tiger Sharks  (up to 4.5 hours of practice per week):                     $  80.00

Mako Sharks  (up to 6 hours of practice per week):                        $110.00

Great White Sharks (up to 7.5 hours of practice per week):        $137.50

High School Swimmers:                                                         $45.00

Girls Season – 3 months (December- February)
Boys Season – 3 months (March– May)

Additional Fees:

      2020  USA Registration (per swimmer):  $74.00 (Annual); $42.00 (Season 1:  April 1, 2018-August 28, 2020.  Season 2:  August 31, 2018- Dec. 31, 2020. Outreach fee: For athletes on free/reduced lunch fees, this is a $5 membership.  Proof from the school system is required, or the parents must send in their 2017 tax form.

For returning swimmers, this fee will be charged in November.

         CSA Meet Surcharge Fee: $3.00 per swimmer per meet.  Travel meets:  $10.00 per swimmer.

       Annual Team Administrative Fee: $40 for the 1st swimmer; $25 for each additional swimmer. This fee will  be charged annually in November for all returning swimmers. 

Pro-Rating Monthly Training Fees:

         Colorado Swim Academy does not pro-rate partial-month training.

Multi-Swimmer Discount:

         Colorado Swim Academy offers the following multi-swimmer discounts:

  • New swimmer registration fee:  1st swimmer - $65; each additional swimmer - $50

  • Annual Team Administrative fee:  1st swimmer - $40; each additional swimmer - $25.

  • Monthly Dues:  1st swimmer (swimming in the highest group) - Full Dues

    • 2nd swimmer -15% discount, 3rd or more swimmers 20% discount.

Team Gear:

         Competition Suits can be ordered from MI Sports in Loveland/Denver: (

  •           Silicone caps: $12.00 Black and Green. State Relay, Silver State and Gold State caps are also available (swimmer must have a qualifying time).
  •          Personalized Swim Caps:  $32 (minimum order of 2 caps)
  •          Additional Registration T-Shirts:  Men’s and Youths $10; Women’s $15
  •          Specialty Team T-Shirts:  Varies depending on style.
  •          Car Decals:  $8.00
  •          Bag Tags:  $8.00
  •          Shark Medals:  $10

         If interested in any of the above team gear, e-mail Jay at

Swim Meet Fees:

         Meet fees are NOT included in monthly dues; they are an additional fee.  Meet fees always include a pool surcharge and a per event entry fee. These fees vary by meet and can add up quickly! It is your responsibility to read the meet information sheets and understand the meet fees when signing up for swim meets.  Swim meet fees are NOT refundable after the meet deadline regardless of the reason a swimmer does not attend the meet.

Monthly Billing Statements:

         The team bills electronically in advance for monthly dues.

         It is your responsibility to review the account billing summary that you receive via email.  It is essential that you keep your current email address up to date with the team. Your account statement is emailed to the primary email entered into the team website.

         You have until the last day of the current month to dispute any charges/payments in the account billing summary.  Please contact the BoD treasurer at to discuss any discrepancies or billing concerns.

How to Make a Payment:

Payment Options: You must log into your Team Unify account and select your payment method.

         Payment by automatic bank account withdrawal (ACH):  CSA offers automatic payment through electronic payment.  In order to start ACH, members are required to complete the account information registration on our secure team website.  This is the preferred method of payment.  All ACH electronic fund transfers will occur on the 1st of each month for the entire account balance. This transaction can take up to 72 business hours.  If the 1st of the month falls on a weekend or a holiday, the processing will take place on the next business day.

Past Dues Policy:

         If your account balance is not paid in full by the 10th of each month, a $10 late fee will be automatically charged to your account.  Any ACH transaction that is pending on the 10th will not incur a late fee.

         If dues are 30 days delinquent, your swimmer(s) will no longer be permitted to participate in any aspect of the program.

         Returned checks and automatic payments that fail to process will be charged a $25.00 fee.   You will also be charged a $10.00 late fee if full payment is not received by 10th of the month.

Taking a Break or Leaving the Team: 

         Swimmers may take a break from Colorado Swim Academy but MUST SUBMIT EMAIL NOTIFICATION BY THE 25th of the month prior to their intended break.  If notice is not received by the 25th, you are responsible for paying dues for the upcoming month, whether or not your swimmer practices.

         Email your request to

         If you choose to leave CSA indefinitely, your account balance is due in full and is subject to a enrollment fee.


         At this time, Colorado Swim Academy does not require our swim families to pay a  fundraising fee.  

         However, in order for CSA to move forward without a fundraising policy, it is important for our families to participate in the following various fundraising opportunities:

  • Amazon Smile – use this link when shopping at Amazon. A percentage of your purchase (.5%) goes directly back to the team.
  • Swim-A-Thon
  • Friday Fun Meets
  • CSA Fall Kick Off Swim Meet

         The fundraising committee is always accepting suggestions and assistance.  Email if you have fundraising suggestions or are interested in volunteering.