About CSST

At CSST. your swimmer is part of a program that was founded in 1973 and has been home to thousands of swimmers who have had amazing accomplishments both in and outside of the pool. We are a local, non-profit organization that offers summer and year-round programs throughout the Pikes Peak region. We are very proud of our program that has taken swimmers from the beginning level all the way to Olympic gold and everything in between.

CSST’s vision is to be a premier competitive swimming program in the state of Colorado and throughout the nation by inspiring and empowering our swimmers to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming and to be champions for a lifetime.

CSST is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment that allows its swimmers to pursue their goals and fully develop their competitive swimming potential. We instill a sense of pride, accomplishment and competition so that each swimmer can experience the rewarding aspects of the sport while acquiring life enhancing qualities such as self esteem, integrity, discipline, citizenship, teamwork and sportsmanship.


Our Philosophy and Approach

We strongly believe that each swimmer, regardless of age or ability, is an important part of our team and we are committed to providing personalized instruction that teaches the value of individual merit and team competition. We want everyone to have fun, realize their personal potential and enjoy the life-long benefits of competitive swimming.

CSST’s approach to swimming is based on years of coaching experience, working with swimmers and listening to parents. We use a progressive approach toward the development of our swimmers - improving technical skills, conditioning, and knowledge of the sport as they advance through the program. In the early stages of participation, we emphasize the fundamentals of swimming such as how to compete and the enjoyment of the sport but as the swimmer matures, we introduce more demanding physical challenges as well as increasing degrees of commitment. We also focus on the total development of each swimmer –physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. We provide a well-defined, long-term approach in which swimmers gain the ability to set goals, the desire to succeed and the will to persevere through all stages of life and competition.