Swim Meet Info/Requirements
 Swim Meet Information
Team Meet Attendance Requirements
  • Swim meets provide an excellent opportunity for swimmers and coaches to judge an athlete's progress and gauge our training methods. Times definitely help in the evaluation process, but equally as important, we are able to examine a swimmer's technique more closely.
  • Swimmers should try to attend one swim meet per month. Please check with your group coach for further expectations.
 Championship Meets
  • Swimmers qualifying for Championship meets, Silver State, Short Course State, Long Course State, Senior State, etc., are expected to participate.
 Prelim/Final Formatted Swim Meets
  • Swimmers qualifying for Finals are expected to swim Finals.
  • Parents and swimmers need to be aware of USA Swimming's scratch rule and regulations.
 Selecting Events
  • Our coaching staff is confident our swimmers have an excellent understanding of the events they ought to be swimming when entering a meet and feel comfortable letting swimmers select their own events. However, our coaches are always available to provide recommendations and guidance, notably for new members.
  • There are certain meets our coaches will help swimmers select their events; group coaches might want the entire group to swim a particular event(s), or have an individual try something more challenging.
  • For championship meets, coaches and swimmers will review all qualified events before making a decision on entries.
  • DSA coaches approve all entries from their group before sending them to the meet director. If they feel a change needs to be made to a swimmer's entries, they will review with the swimmer and make any necessary changes.
 Entering Swim Meets
  • When joining Denver Swim Academy, members will be able to use our online entry system; it's a fairly simple process.
  • DSA coaches are always available to answer questions and support.
  • DSA members, please sign into your account, hover over the DSA ONLY tab on our homepage, then click Meet Entries. This page will provide more information on how to enter a swim meet.
  • Good Team Spirit!  Cheer for each other, it makes a huge difference.
  • Good Sportsmanship!  Win, lose, or draw, we always act like champions.  Shake hands with the swimmer next to you.
  • Have Fun!