Volunteering/Fundraiser Requirements

Volunteering & Fundraising Requirements


Parents are required to volunteer for home meets that their swimmer participates in and swimmers are required to participate in our Annual Swim Challenge fundraiser.  The requirements are listed below:


Volunteer for Home Meets:

If a swimmer swims in a Durango home meet, the parents are required to volunteer for at least 1 session of that meet.  If your swimmer swims in the home meet and you do not volunteer, your account will be charged $25.


Swim Challenge Fundraiser:

Swimmers are required to participate in fundraising of our Annual Swim Challenge.  Each swimmer is required to raise $100 (whether they participate in the Swim Challenge or not) or your account will be charged.  If there is more than one swimmer in the family the requirements are below:


1 swimmer in a family:  $100

2 swimmers in a family:  $150

3 swimmers in a family:  $175