Dues Schedule

The following dues are charged on a monthly basis. Swimmers pay for the entire month once the month begins. If you quit in the middle of the month, you still owe dues for that entire month. Dues will not be prorated and will be due for each month of the billing groups listed below.


Billing Groups

 - Billing Group A: September 1st - July 31st (Short Course and Long course)

 - Billing Group B: September 1st - April 31st (Winter Season)

Monthly Dues as of 8-1-2018 

  Billing Group A Billing Group B

10 & Unders



11 & Over




The Denver Triton Swim Team wants every child to enjoy the opportunity to swim. If finances are an issue, please contact the team administrator to apply for a scholarship.


Yearly Team Registration Fee

 A annual registration fee will apply to all members (re)joining the team. Registration fees will be collected during the 1st registration. Subsequent registration fee will be collected August 1st of each calendar year.

Annual Dues as of 8-1-2018


New Members

Billing Group A 

Billing Group B

Annual Dues




Annual dues will be proceesed August 1st for all returning members.


For those of you that will be going back to your summer club teams after May 15th will need to join Billing Group B.