Dues Schedule

The following dues are charged on a monthly basis. Swimmers pay for the entire month once the month begins. If you quit in the middle of the month, you still owe dues for that entire month. Dues are only prorated when someone joins the club in the middle of the month.

Monthly Dues as of 7-20-2016

10 & Unders


11 & Over



The Denver Triton Swim Team wants every child to enjoy the opportunity to swim. If finances are an issue, please contact the team administrator to apply for a scholarship.


Yearly Team Registration Fee

 A annual registration fee will apply to all members (re)joining the team. Registration fees will be collected at the time that you join the team.

Annual Dues as of 7/7/2017


New Members

Returning Members

Long Course only (March-July)

Annual Dues




New members will be accepted during the following months

August-December; March-May (long course only)


​If you will be leaving the team for more than a three week period you will need to email us prior to the next billing cycle to announce your suspension. Email will take priority over any spoken communication with coaches. Billing will not be prorated of refunded if you do not request suspension in a timely matter.


For those of you that will be going back to your summer club teams after May 15th will need to contact us via email to suspend your account for the summer.

*Although your account will be suspended you will still receive news updates and correspondence during your suspension period.