2 week trial


This process applies to:

  • New swimmers who have never registered with CSI/USA Swimming
  • Swimmers whose CSI registration has lapsed
  • ERW swimmers in October of each year


 The yearly registration fee is $88.00:

a. $68.00 for USA swimming registration Fee

b. $20.00 ERW Administration fee for each swimmer.  Fee is non-refundable.

You will need to bring your payment confirmation page to your first day of practice and present it to one of the coaches.

Athletes that have never swam with the club may have a two-week trial. To begin your 2 week trial, please complete the online registration process at www.eatonredwaves.com > Registration Information.  You will need to pay your ERW Administration fee of $20.00.

After your 2 week trial, if your swimmer joins the club, a $68 USA Swimming registration fee will be charged to your account along with the remaining days of the current month’s prorated monthly membership fee.  You will also be charged a prorated sponsorship fee if joining after March.

Parents are responsible for notifying the club on or before the last day of your trial period if your child chooses not to continue swimming with the Eaton Red Waves