What's Next


  1. Bring the CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION page and SHOW UP FOR PRACTICE.  PRACTICE SCHEDULES ARE AVAILABLE ON THE CALENDAR OF THIS WEBSITE.  Practice is at the EHS pool.  Please attend the RED TEAM practice time.   Show up 5 minutes before the practice time for stretching.   The ERW Coaches will be at the pool and available to welcome your swimmer.  
  2. If your swimmer decides NOT to continue with the club after the 2 week trial, please email eatonredwaves@gmail.com on the last day of the trial or before so you will not be charged for your USA registration.   The ERW administration fee ($20) is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If notification is not received, the registration process will be completed on the last day of the 2 week trial.   All information will be sent to Colorado Swimming INC (CSI) for final membership registration. 

Parents are responsible for notifying  the club on or before the last day of your trial period if your child chooses not to continue swimming with the Eaton Red WavesOtherwise, this fee is sent to CSI and is non-refundable.